Elections, “now if the right wins…” Letta’s last statements interviewed on the radio

Elections, “now if the right wins…” Letta’s last statements interviewed on the radio

A state of almost total confusion. A failed strategy, which not only makes the center-right’s victory even clearer, but also risks giving an excellent and unexpected result to the Five Star Movement and the Third Pole. Enrico Letta looks more and more like a boxer who has suffered a terrible string of blows and lost the clarity needed to complete the fight. For weeks Pisan’s secretary announced the alleged “fascist danger”, for a few days he shifted attention to the “useful vote” and today, finally, the very substance of his statements has been withdrawn, at least in part. “Democracy is not at risk if the right wins the 2022 political election on September 25, but the electoral system that Renzi wanted could allow the Italian right with 43% of the vote to win 70% of parliamentary representation.”

Clear and peremptory words are those pronounced by Enrico Letta, guest this morning of the program “Not stop news” on Rtl 102.5. “Count on one side and Calenda and Renzi on the other think more about their biased utility, 1% more, rather than hitting the right. The only ones who are trying to oppose the right in Italy are us, the others are basically addicted to the idea that the right wins and are simply looking for their own niche.”

But how would the Democratic Party behave in the face of the proposal for a bicameral reform commission launched by Giorgia Meloni? “We are open to debate, but we are against presidentialism, not because we consider it a danger to democracy. For a country like ours, it would be a profoundly superficial and wrong choice, because entrusting all powers to one or the other is a way of pretending to solve problems, which is why we are opposed to such a choice”.

Source: IL Tempo