They claim the far-right militant from La Plata who celebrated the attack on Christina Kirchner was unprovoked.

They claim the far-right militant from La Plata who celebrated the attack on Christina Kirchner was unprovoked.

They claim the far-right militant from La Plata who celebrated the attack on Christina Kirchner was unprovoked.

The man, a 38-year-old sociology student, was arrested as part of the investigation on charges of public intimidation after he mentioned an assassination attempt against the vice president on social media.

Jose Derman, the man arrested when he recorded a video claiming responsibility for the attack
Jose Derman, the man arrested when he recorded a video claiming responsibility for the attack

The La Plata federal judge declares Jose Derman inadmissibleA member of the far-right space was arrested yesterday in the capital of Buenos Aires Intimidation of the public after the assassination attempt was celebrated Vice President Christina Kirshner vs ordered to transfer him to a specialized institution A group of professionals should be examined in mental health.

Judicial sources indicated that a federal judge in La Plata Ernesto Kreplak organized Derman’s assessment of “Dr. Alexander Korn” By Melchor Romero.

later, A civil jurisdictional magistrate must decide what treatment should be given, as provided by the Mental Health Act.

derma, A 38-year-old sociology student who is part of a libertarian-oriented political-cultural space And the denialist was arrested as part of the investigation on public intimidation charges after the assassination attempt against Kirchner was reported on social media.

It is about that Rittenhouse Cultural Center, a group that describes itself as an “anti-communist space.” And from where Derman, via a YouTube video, He regrets that Fernando Sabag Montiel did not fire his gun against the Vice President..

Derman was arrested following an investigation by the Buenos Aires Police Counter-Terrorism Unit, which obtained access to a video of Man urged to take up arms to ‘uproot Marxism’At the same time, he aimed at the current government.

in this framework, Judge Kreplak ordered three raids in the capital city of Buenos Aires. Derman was arrested in one of them.

In a resolution that the agency agreed to Telam It was mentioned that “the mentioned case was initiated and accepted on September 4 From the Prevention of Counter-Terrorism Directorate of the Ministry of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires of the current year”, which was later added to the complaint of the Deputy Secretary of Human Rights Protection of Buenos Aires.

Based on the elements gathered up to that point, the tenor of the facts became knownAnd taking into account not only the urgency of the case, but also the specific situation that the country is experiencing and the nature of the crime allegedly committed, which threatens public order, the search of the property where Derman lives and the address. He was assigned to work at the Kyle Rittenhouse Cultural Center (next to each other) and arrest the suspect, they recalled.

in Raids recovered: 83 mm mortar shell, netbook, 3 CPUs, A drone with a remote control, three mobile phones, two flash drives and two handy ones.

Before taking the survey, “Due to the circumstances arising from the investigation into the defendant’s mental health, emergency measures have been taken to determine Derman’s suitability. to realize the criminality of their actions and to be subject to criminal proceedings”.

After the medical report, A judge found Derman not responsible and ordered him fired while the public intimidation investigation continues. “In the events that form the factual platform of the case, in order to determine the possible involvement of a third party.”

Derman is a member of the group that created the local La Plata, whose founders and members promote the denial of crimes committed by the recent dictatorship, attack gender politics and diversity, and publicly promote hate speech, intolerance and denial.

space Includes a figure of Kyle Rittenhouse, a young man from Illinois, United States2020, who killed two people with a semi-automatic rifle in protests against police brutality, promotes denialist tendencies around the genocide of the last dictatorship and carries neo-Nazi signs.

from social networks, public appearances or through videos and texts, March 24 is referred to as “the day of the fight against subversion” or graffiti in the city proves that there were not 30,000 victims of the genocide.

in their communications, The group refers to the detained-disappeared as “terrorists”.In his networks, he revives the theory of “two demons”, “dirty war” and “subversive threat” and shares materials about military repressors.

In addition, from space they damaged and painted the murals of La Plata for memory, truth and justice with expressions such as “Death” on the faces of the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo or wrote. “Communist Leftists” on the mural of the historic leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) Otto Vargas.

At the same time, he presents itself as a “cultural-political space of anti-communist and anti-gender ideology”It declares a fight against a “femi-Marxist coalition”, points to an alleged crisis of “Western and Christian values” and points to the visibility of minorities and progress in human rights policies as the culprits of the decline. civilization.

Source: La Nacion