Elections, Antonio Tajani brutalizes the Third Pole: “Irrelevant, spare wheel on the left”

The third pole is “a fourth pole” because Italia Viva and Action together “are destined to finish fourth and therefore also destined for political irrelevance because they will not be the ones to lead the opposition”. MEP and national coordinator of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani, at a press point in the European Parliament, attacked the alliance formed by the parties of Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda. “I am a force on the left because both founders of this coalition, which I don’t know how long it will last, were leaders or elected leaders of the Democratic Party. When it was time to go to the polls in Rome, they voted in favor of the left-wing candidate, therefore of the Democratic Party, it being understood that then they fought and divided among themselves. In Trentino they run together on the left,” Tajani recalled.

“So, it is a small force that will make the spare wheel of the left, but it is doomed to irrelevance, and it will have the sole objective of electing the two leaders who have always been opposed”, added the coordinator. Forza Italia. “That doesn’t worry me, because it risks being an irrelevant force. Voting for this force means wasting a vote. Our opponent is Pd, our opponent is M5s. Irrelevant forces are not political opponents. Those who are confronting us are the Democratic Party and the M5s”, continued the blue MEP.

“In Italy – emphasizes Tajani – we need to reach a new government decree that supports families and companies possibly without budget variation, if then it is inevitable it will be the last resort to deal with this situation. Therefore, we need punctuality, the sooner the price of the gas is limited, it will cost less for Italy to intervene to support families and businesses’.

Source: IL Tempo