Energy, the new aid decree falls again. No discounted layoffs

Energy, the new aid decree falls again.  No discounted layoffs

The Council of Ministers meets for this afternoon, at 15:00. But the government will not approve the new decree to fight the price race and the increase in bills, with new aid for families and companies. The decree is therefore destined to slip further. According to government sources, in fact, the procedure for deciding the resources to be allocated to the new energy aid decree foresees that today the CDM will analyze the amount of resources to be allocated to the measure, which must then be approved by Parliament. After today’s Council of Ministers has analyzed the amount of resources to be allocated to the energy aid decree – explain government sources – a parliamentary passage will be “necessary” for authorization to use the improvement in fiscal balances to finance the measures. After Parliament’s approval, a new Council of Ministers will be held for the adoption of the decree. Either way, Mef sources point to LaPresse, there will be no variance in the budget. To the Mef – explain internal sources via XX Settembre – they would have wanted an extra period, “also to give the State Accounting the possibility of verifying in detail the revenues” that will be used for the new decree. At Palazzo Chigi, however, there is a desire to accelerate to cross the finish line of new aid as quickly as possible, and at Mef we “work hard” to give the green light to the measure no later than today.

The new aid decree, Mef sources explain to AdnKronos, of a “lean” provision, where therefore the “discounted” redundancy fund should not find space, or a Cig at lower costs than normal for two months for the sectors most exposed to expensive energy. The measure – a hypothesis that has circulated in recent days – should not be included in the device that could reach the CDM table today, “even if that does not mean – explain the same sources – that the idea is definitively closed”. To achieve this, however, we will have to wait until the end of September, “once all receipts are certified”. In the decree-law that should be approved during the week, where there will be an extension of the tax credit to 25% by the end of the year, there may be space for the installment of accounts for six months for companies, “what we are thinking about”, explain the same sources.

“We, as a Civic Commitment, proposed a cut-of-accounts decree, with which the State pays eighty percent of commercial bills. This intervention costs 13 billion euros, but it is an emergency intervention”, explains the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio, who adds: “We withdraw resources from the fact that the State, as a result of inflation, collects more from VAT and of excise obligations.” If the incumbent government for the time being is working towards a provision on the bills to be released during the week and valid until September-October, “the proposed Civic Commitment must be launched by the new government and will be valid until December”, concludes Di Maio. “We trust the Draghi government, we know that it will take measures that will respond to the challenge, to help Italian families and companies to move forward and pay the gas and electricity bills that have already received – they cannot be paid with these numbers. , with these increases – and also to bring down the bills for the future”, says Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta. “For us, this intervention is the doubling of the tax credit, in addition to the social bill for electricity”, adds Letta.

Source: IL Tempo