Federal police have released five people from Christina Kirchner’s custody and have lost publicity in the attack investigation.

Federal police have released five people from Christina Kirchner’s custody and have lost publicity in the attack investigation.

The five agents who made up the vice president’s security team were reassigned to other offices and the area was reinforced; In the criminal case, the judge gave the Airport Security Police (PSA) more tasks.

They ordered changes in Christina Kirchner's custody
They ordered changes in Christina Kirchner’s custody

The Argentine Federal Police (PFA) Ordered changes in custody in the last hours Christina Kirchner– Moved five team members to other locations and added more staff.

After last Thursday’s attack, the actions of the group intended to protect the vice president are under judicial investigation. He leads the ministry Hannibal Fernandez They did not say, beyond the criminal case, whether an internal investigation was ultimately opened to examine the Guard’s actions. The changes in the team were signed by the deputy head of the PFA. General Commissioner Osvaldo Ruben MatoThey informed me because the boss is abroad on vacation Official sources.

The event was organized because the PFA agents were released“They haven’t been at the level that they probably hope for and it’s time to make that decision.”A representative of the national government explained to Télam news agency.

With these options, the official added, the goal is to strengthen the security protocol, the operation of which “should not change” but “guarantees that it is protected,” they explained.

Meanwhile, the PFA is losing focus in its investigation into the attack. First there was a phone Fernando Sabag MontielLater, security cameras and on Tuesday night, also, the arrest of two detainees. A federal judge in the assault investigation case Maria Eugenia Capuchetti replaced the PFA and gave more and more interventions Airport Security Police (PSA).

Capuchetti was summoned on Monday Joseph GlinskyHead of PSA in his office. I made the decision to phone Brenda Ulliarte The power he leads will take him straight. This was after all the information on Sabag Montiel’s device was lost for reasons still unknown. There is a strong suspicion that the formatting was the result of a failed attempt by PFA experts to unlock the phone, which they were unable to do. Another suspicion is that someone may have done a remote wipe. The prosecutor’s office requested an expert report to investigate the incident. It would be the gendarmerie.

Fernando Sabag Montiel with a gun
Fernando Sabag Montiel with a gun

“Three forces work as auxiliaries to the court,” he said Official source from the Ministry of Security, which reports to the PFA, PSA and National Gendarmerie.

There are also questions with the court when using the phone. So far, none have become official proposals. In their statements to the court, PSA experts said they received the device – reset to new – in an open envelope, without airplane mode, without details of what was done with it before and without details about the chain of custody. Sources informed of the case.

At Comodoro Py, officials and lawyers – including many who have nothing to do with the cause – argue in the corridors about how to handle the phone. It is a case of the moment and everyone in pensions courts has a personal experience or criticism to share. The defense will likely challenge the chain of custody at some point. The source of the case told about it that the prosecutor Carlos Rivolo He’s already suggested that he might opt ​​out of what comes out of the device, if indeed something does come out one day. They claim in court that they will be able to restore the information. However, investigators say they have what was written on the cell phone cards (the photos of Sbag and Uliarte, along with the gun, are from there) and do not believe the device was “key evidence.”

In addition, Capuchetti decided yesterday that the two detainees would be transferred from the Kavia and General Madariaga police headquarters to the PSA unit. He didn’t want them to go to jail for safety reasons. He prefers that they do not mix with the prison population. The PSA then led to several dungeons where they are alone, segregated and guarded by agents and cameras, they told the Justice Department.

Federal police on Sunday arrested Brenda Uliarte, the girlfriend of Fernando Sabag Montiel, who attacked Christina Kirchner.
Federal police on Sunday arrested Brenda Uliarte, the girlfriend of Fernando Sabag Montiel, who attacked Christina Kirchner.

The PSA has also joined the monitoring of street cameras – public and private – and analyzes their content. This includes images provided by the team Christina Kirchner. He was also in charge of reviewing Sabag Montiel cars.

Meanwhile, the role of the vice president’s bodyguards, who belong to the federal police, is “another open line of inquiry,” he said. the source of the cause. As this media reported yesterday, Rívolo requested measures to review the incoming and outgoing calls of all the vice president’s guardians.

Not only do investigators want to know if there was any negligence in the care of Christina Kirchner; Also, rule out that any agent had an active role in the attack. So far, according to the court, there is no concrete evidence that this was the case.

Source: La Nacion