Meloni Spreads Letta: Shameful Words About Poland. What message does the left send to Russia

Meloni Spreads Letta: Shameful Words About Poland.  What message does the left send to Russia

“Very serious and shameful” words that denounce the true idea that the left has of Europe. Giorgia Meloni goes to Enrico Letta’s counterattack during the Sky TG24 broadcast “Casa Italia”, broadcast on Thursday, September 8, commenting on the recent words of the Democratic Party secretary who stated that “it will be worse for Italy to have Hungary and Poland instead of France and Germany” with the center-right in government.

“I consider Enrico Letta’s words to be very serious and shameful. I think these are words for which you should apologize, first point because for me there is no Europe of Serie A and Europe of Serie B – say the leaders of Fratelli d’Italia – This is an idea that the left has of ‘Europe, of a club in which there are those who matter more and those who matter less, in which there are those who decide and those who suffer. This is the idea of ​​Europe that the left has”.

“My idea of ​​Europe – added Giorgia Meloni – is that of De Gaulle, who believed that a European integration mechanism was necessary to favor the entry of the countries of the East if they had freed themselves from the communist yoke, or the idea that John Paul II had who supported Europe to breathe with one lung from the West and another from the East. Europe is a destiny, it is a civilization, it is not a club of friends of the left. And the fact that some have interpreted it this way is at the root of the great problems that Enrico Letta must apologize because Poland, in particular, is perhaps the nation most exposed to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and is the one that most responds to the humanitarian crisis by taking in the largest number of Ukrainian refugees without obtaining a euro from the European Union that Enrico Letta defines it as series A”, argues Meloni, who recalls how NATO also believes that Poland itself may soon come into conflict with Russia. will not die for them. And I find that tragically irresponsible.”

During the interview, the president of the Brothers of Italy reiterated that she does not intend to change Law 194: “What we have always said that we want to do with the abortion law is to apply it in its entirety, because it was a law made in a complete way, which also had an entire first part dedicated to the prevention of abortion, which was never applied due to the ideological approach that existed in recent years”.

Source: IL Tempo