Message from Mario Draghi to Coldiretti: “New Interventions for Families and Businesses”

Message from Mario Draghi to Coldiretti: “New Interventions for Families and Businesses”

A message to reassure farmers. Prime Minister Mario Draghi, in a letter sent to Coldiretti within the scope of the national assembly of the farmers’ association, reaffirms his support for the category and explains that in the coming days the government will launch new interventions both in terms of drought and dear energy. Draghi’s message was read by Coldiretti president Ettore Prandini.

“Agriculture is an integral part of Italy’s history, it is fundamental to our economy, it is essential for the lives of all citizens. energy and create the conditions for sustainable and long-term growth”, underlines Draghi. Network inefficiencies harm the environment, the food chain, businesses and citizens. In addition to these interventions, this year’s allocations to companies in the sector and the Regions to face the drought emergency, we intervened to mitigate the effects of energy increases, we created tax credits for spending on fuels in agriculture and fisheries, reduction of VAT and system charges on accounts. We gave guarantees to small and medium-sized agricultural, fishing and aquaculture companies. The Government intends to continue to support him: in the coming days we plan new interventions in favor of families and companies, also for the agri-food sector ” continues Draghi in his message to Coldiretti.

“With Pnrr, we favor the development of agriculture, companies and workers. We improve the logistics of the agri-food sector, to increase its storage and export capacities. We invest to help companies in the sector to modernize agricultural machinery, to be more competitive” , specifies the prime minister who says he is sure that the future government will continue to support the sector. “I am sure that the next governments will continue to support their sector. Thanks to his determination, his dynamism, his resourcefulness, agriculture will maintain the centrality it deserves in the life of Italy”, he concludes.

Source: IL Tempo