From the CD they propose a debate on minminas for their theory of degrowth

“To the Minister of Mines to come to a debate on political control. I know the committee had a debate a week ago”discuss energy ratesObviously it’s a fashion issue and it will be due to gravity, but I want us to approach this debate from the approach of the reality of some of the announcements we’ve heard from the minister,” he said.

Meisel indicated in this regard: “I generally like idealistic people because they are good people, that romance that we have heard from the minister on some issues is the product of good hearts, but the reality is different and we, the 48 million Colombians who live here, we cannot trust such an important portfolio in a few temas that can be unattainable and harmful to the country.

Therefore, he stated, “If Mr. President… Gustavo Petroc he made a mistake in that designation, it’s better we admit it once and for all, and we’re all wrong, nothing happens, he will be moved to something more like his feelings, but it’s a duty of this committee to enter into a debate in that sense and make clear to us what the famous decline means, the possibility of importing Venezuelan gas and to what extent it wants to do this and stop the explorations”.

Source: El Heraldo