Journalism or genuflection

Journalism or genuflection

Journalism or genuflection

Why is independent journalism the enemy of Kirchnerism? Because there are journalists who defend their ideas and criticize other ideas, and because sometimes they have to point out to the rulers that they have forgotten common sense and public decency.


Kirchnerism has a flaw in journalism; that the stigma against the independent press is almost characteristic of the ruling political faction. It was born of Kirchnerism, nearly four decades of democracy, and there is no hope that the persecution will end until the end of the ruling political current. The last case was the reference by journalists to one of the intellectual criminals of the attempted attack on Christina Kirchner.. The names of journalists and the media were released and in this way caged lone wolves for revenge. They are playing with fire. The first person to promote this false accusation was the president of the nation, Alberto FernandezWhen, a few hours after the failed attack, he accused the media and the judiciary of a crime that judges and prosecutors had not even begun to investigate. He wasn’t the only one; This was only the first. who followed himEduardo “Wado” de Pedro, Pablo Moyano, Axel Kitsiloffalong with several others) weighed down the President’s already serious words with clearer words.

Just yesterday, in an anti-journalistic climate, he was shocked by news as sad as it is definitive: he died. Magdalena Ruiz Guinazu. It was a surprise, because the emblematic journalist seemed eternal, immortal. Magdalena’s memory is important because she was also a victim of Kirchnerism’s persecution and slander. so is he Was part of the group of journalists who were subjected to the “popular trial” in the Plaza de Mayo during the time of Nestor Kirchner; His face was also featured on posters that children were forced to hand out. It was a historical injustice because Magdalena Ruiz Guinazu has done more to restore democracy and reverse the humanitarian catastrophe of the dictatorship than any Kirschner could have imagined.. In recent years, countless times, he made his home available to exiled journalists, where we met when circumstances forced us. It was decided in his house that a group of journalists appealed to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, already when President Christina Kirchner was there, and he was part of a delegation of journalists that went to Washington, where the IACHR is based. He was never afraid or concerned about the consequences of his mission as a journalist. It is worth noting that Alberto Fernandez himself posted a condolence tweet about his death yesterday. The main lesson that Magdalena Ruiz Guinazu leaves us is the courage to exercise a profession and a critical gaze of any government, regardless of political affiliation.. Journalism will miss his unique voice, his sophisticated intelligence and his human warmth.

May Magdalena rest in peace. Let’s get back to the reality that concerns us. Why is independent journalism the enemy of Kirchnerism? Because there are journalists who defend their ideas and criticize other ideas, and because sometimes they have to point out to the rulers that they have forgotten common sense and public decency.. as simple as that. Each journalist does it in his own style, and this is part of the right to self-expression. Nobody outside journalism can dictate to a journalist what to say or how to say it, whether they like it or not. On the other hand, why not talk about militant journalism? This journalism has the same right as independent journalism to express itself – I have no doubt about that, unless it becomes a mail through which the names of the displaced are circulated. Although it is the duty of journalism to criticize power, genuflecting is also permissible. The only limit of journalism is moral: it must not hate the difference between life and death and must not contribute to the breakdown of the democratic order.. It is a political system that asserts the only common contract of Argentines, which is its constitution. No independent and serious journalist has fallen into such vice.

The most questionable aspect of the administration is that, within hours of the assassination attempt, it attempted to Take political advantage of the unfortunate episode. The operation was conducted by the president, but several representatives of the ruling party joined the action. Just yesterday, a hyper-Christian MP Rodolfo TailhadeBy studying in the intelligence services, he asked the judge Maria Eugenia Capuchettiprosecutor Carlos Rivolo And the cops who jammed Christina Kirchner’s phone while trying to kill her. Fernando Sabag Montiel, because at some point his mobile phone was empty. Imprisoning magistrates outright is as undemocratic as proposing to suspend the trial of Validad in order to establish social peace, as the senator did. Jose Mayas. What kind of democracy do they talk about when they talk about democracy? President of the Bloc of Radical Deputies, Mario Nigri, publicly demanded that the Senate sanction Maya for her alleged aberration. In any case, judicial officials prefer to avoid conspiratorial views. For them, the federal police technician sent to the courthouse to unlock the phone was simply wrong. They were called in as a cybercrime specialist. He was not a telephone specialist, as befits such an event. Another proof of the absolute inability of the Argentine state to face a specific crime or any crime. “There is already so much data accumulated that the phone data is the least,” tried the representative of the court. The government admits that there is a fierce fight between the Minister of Security. Hannibal Fernandez, and La Campora leaders to investigate the attempted attack. The ruling coalition is no stranger to internal fractures. If there was hatred, which there isn’t, then it also exists between allies who rule.

Neither the judiciary nor the opposition are to blame for the failed attack on the vice president. If the prosecutor accuses and asks for a guilty verdict, as he did Diego Luciani, This is because he is convinced that he has committed a crime. If he didn’t, he would have simply given up on the trial and asked for the case materials. He is doing his job and not spreading hate. No opposition leader has said something that his opponent has not said in any democratic country in the world. Today’s opponents do not organize demonstrations in cardboard helicopters, as Kirchnerism did under Macri. It was a coup pure and simple, as the helicopter has a symbolic image of the hasty end of Argentina’s presidents. They knew it and that’s why they did it. Kirchnerism’s concept of political life increasingly resembles regimes like Maduro’s in Venezuela or Ortega’s in Nicaragua. The difference is, as the lawyer Bernardo Saravia Frias pointed out, between populism with money, like the populism of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, and populism without money and very close to justice, as it happens at the current stage. Now the labyrinth has only one door: the collapse of the political system, says Saravia Frias. But the ruling faction has another fundamental flaw: it doesn’t have a public that tolerates this nonsense..

Now, Christina Kirchner’s strategy seems to be to position herself as a presidential candidate after the attempted attack. Not because it will, but because that way he hopes to instill fear in judges and prosecutors.. He won’t be a presidential candidate unless the polls take a Copernican turn, because he’s being treated very badly right now. According to today’s measurements, he does not even have the right to dream of winning the presidential elections. And he cannot risk losing the presidential election, because he will be within the scope of justice, which can order his arrest. Prosecutor Luciani’s famous announcement was just the beginning of months that will be filled with court news.

The Supreme Court will decide the situation by the end of the year A miracle roomsuit share between the capital and the national government and the proposition of unconstitutionality The Law of Repentance. The latest announcement, made by several lawyers for the defendants in the notebooks case, is intended to halt oral and public hearings in a case that will be far more explosive than Vialidade’s. According to the court’s jurisprudence, in none of these cases will the government be able to designate. In addition, a room of the Criminal Cassation Chamber presided over by a judge Mariano Borinsky established the schedule of the so-called “K money route” case. The final hearing will be held on October 6 Lazarus Baez, who had already been sentenced at the oral trial. The Cassation in October will be in a position to issue a ruling on this case, which is a continuation of the Vialidade case, because the K money was nothing more than the manipulation of bribe money for public works that benefited Baez.

Another room of the cassation chamber (consisting of judges Diego Barroetaveña, Daniel Petrone and Ana Maria Figueroa) will decide by the end of the year whether there will be an oral and public trial of the case Hotesur and Los Sauces. The oral court, which was supposed to hold a public debate, decided to remove the vice president without a trial. Legal turmoil as never before in terms of political corruption. This reason is also related to the vialidade, because these hotels and buildings were probably the last place to launder some resources from public works bribes.

Such a judicial panorama is what opens the scandal and political exploitation of what could have been a tragedy. This is what also explains the harassment, stigmatization and persecution of independent journalism. The problem with Kirchnerism is that it always runs into journalists who know that society cannot be free unless it knows the reality that has influenced it. And they are the ones who tell it and analyze it, sometimes out loud, sometimes in a different way. Ways of saying what is happening are the least important of so many troubles.

Source: La Nacion