Matteo Renzi and Bin Salman in Athens: “The secret meeting on energy”

Matteo Renzi and Bin Salman in Athens: “The secret meeting on energy”

A meeting that should have remained a secret. As reported by an investigation published on the newspaper’s website Tomorrow Italy’s leader Viva Matteo Renzi and Saudi prince Mohammed Bin Salman reportedly met in late July in Greece. This was revealed by Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama, also present in Athens to talk to Bin Salman about a photovoltaic panel project.

“I went to Athens because Bin Salman is a friend, and because he has the great ambition of taking electricity produced with photovoltaic panels in Saudi Arabia to Greece, the Balkans and then Europe: it would be an exceptional resource to replace Russian gas, and more generally hydrocarbons. Why was Renzi there? It seemed to me that he was very involved in Bin Salman’s project to export Saudi solar energy to the West”, explains Rama to Tomorrow .

In late July, in fact, a piece of the European establishment was summoned to Athens, where Saudi Prince Bin Salman reportedly rented the luxurious Four Season hotel entirely on the occasion of the official visit to Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsokatis. The prince’s institutional visit to the prime minister was the circumstance that brought together a very small circle of heads of state, important European parliamentarians, Russian oligarchs, magnates and famous journalists. A group of about twenty elected ones, of whom, as revealed TomorrowSenator Matteo Renzi also participated.

Source: IL Tempo