The air that pulls, Ignazio La Russa irrepressible in Ajuda: “Myopia of parties and rhythms of the third world”

The air that pulls, Ignazio La Russa irrepressible in Ajuda: “Myopia of parties and rhythms of the third world”

Aid’s emergency decree against energy and expensive bills is discussed during the September 8 episode of L’Aria che Tira, the La7 talk show hosted by Myrta Merlino. Guest in connection Ignazio La Russa, vice president of the Senate and exponent of the Brothers of Italy, gets angry with his colleagues from other parties, but not only: “What are we talking about, the reasons why Luigi Di Maio argued with Giuseppe Conte? The funniest thing is that before Di Maio said that the center right is quarrelsome, I wanted to laugh after everything we saw within the 5 Star Movement. The problem is what can be done today and immediately while waiting for the new If the political forces, and the only opposition says so, understand the gravity of the moment and stop for a moment, at least in the decree on Ajuda, to campaign, an agreement can be reached and this decree converted immediately”.

Merlino asks La Russa for the background of the day in the Senate on the Aid, whose approval is postponed to next Tuesday: – La Russa snaps – and I take responsibility for that. It is not possible that we were summoned and until 4 pm the accounting work was not done. Then there was the commission that would evaluate the amendments. In the end, no agreement was found because M5S, but not only, did not give the go-ahead to decide whether or not to vote or withdraw the amendments. So the amendments did not arrive, the work arrived too late and it was feared that the quorum would be missing at night, so the president rightly decided that the least serious thing was the postponement of a week”.

“The responsibilities – continues La Russa – are enormous, it is the myopia of not understanding that even in the electoral campaign of aid there can be no difference, nor pettiness and positions to sell in the electoral campaign. We who are in the opposition are not doing it – concludes the FdI senator – and those who until yesterday explained to us that this was a wonderful government and cannot find the agreement to pass a government decree that they have wanted for a long time on helping citizens ”.

Source: IL Tempo