Justice, reform by Giulia Bongiorno: “CSM will be demolished and rebuilt”

Giulia Bongiorno spoke about the issue of justice and the need for an immediate and effective reform of the CSM. “There is a systematic exploration of Salvini’s words in everything that concerns Russia. First, we have always voted in favor of the government’s proposals on war and sanctions. Salvini said only that Europe must assume the negative effects that the sanctions are having on Italians. There is no equivocal position on Russia, which is undoubtedly the aggressor country”: these are the words that Giulia Bongiorno (Lega) entrusts to “Resto del Carlino”.

Another topic at the center of the interview was justice: “Minister Cartabia did a great job: but the majority was composed, in addition to us and the FI, of Pd and 5 Stelle, and the minister had to mediate between the positions of the parties with also very different ideas on the matter. This did not allow him to implement a truly effective renovation. Pd and 5Stelle always braked. That is why the work done so far is insufficient. We need a CSM renovation. A house to be demolished and rebuilt root”.

And on the issue of violence against women: “Before I say what I’m going to do, I would like to remind you that, as president of the Justice Commission, I wanted and pushed forward the stalking law, which is working very well. With the League, we became supporters of the Code Red, which provides new rules for the protection of women, for example, on revenge pornography and forced marriages and the reduction of the time between the moment of denunciation and that in which the State intervenes. . The work is not finished ».

Source: IL Tempo