The League’s plan to save the Superbonus. “We unlock credits for companies”

The League’s plan to save the Superbonus.  “We unlock credits for companies”

The battle to save the 110% Superbonus is being fought in the Senate these days. Despite the government’s opposition, the parties presented amendments to the dl Auxílio bis, which will reach the Chamber on September 13, with the aim of restarting tax relief on energy efficiency measures. Owners and condominiums, in fact, are no longer able to find companies on the market willing to start, and in some cases even continue, the works. The League makes it known that Matteo Salvini and experts from the party “are studying the dossier on the Superbonus and the transfer of credits to companies”. The aim of Carroccio “is to unlock the issue of assignee liability as soon as possible, to allow companies to get back up and running”. The problem to be solved is exactly this: the responsibility of the assignee. Alberto Bagnai, member of the Finance Committee of Palazzo Madama and economic manager of the party, explains it well: regulatory environment, compromising the recovery of the economy and, finally, giving a stable regulatory framework to the many entrepreneurs who work in the sector. We will continue in our relentless commitment to supporting the industry.” Currently, in fact, as explained by the Internal Revenue Service, whoever buys credits, when carrying out checks, must exercise due diligence in accordance with their degree of professionalism. Otherwise, he may be called upon to respond “jointly and jointly”. This is where the credit circulation mechanism gets stuck.

Banks, in fact, no longer find those who are willing to buy loans. Confedilizia underlines how the Aid bis decree is “an opportunity to allow the credit allocation mechanism for the various construction incentives (not just for the Superbonus) to be restarted”. «There is a need – he adds – for an urgent intervention to definitively clarify that the assignees do not incur any liability. Without it, the credits acquired so far will not be able to circulate freely and, consequently, owners and condominiums will not find companies willing to do the work on the market”.

In recent days, the League has also presented another amendment – first signed by Paolo Arrigoni – with which it intends to intervene in homes. For single-family buildings, in fact, the cancellation of the obligation to have completed at least 30% of the works on 30 September is requested to benefit from the deadline of 31 December. The condominiums already have a term until the end of 2023. In July, Nomisma calculated that the Superbonus has so far generated an economic value of 124.8 billion euros, equivalent to 7.5% of the country’s GDP, and predicts that, for each beneficiary, the investment generates an average annual savings on the bill of 500 euros. In addition, the 38.7 billion euros already invested led to an increase in employment in the construction sector to a total of 634 thousand workers.

Source: IL Tempo