Tapas for Enrico Letta also from the EU. The Democratic Party insists: democracy in danger with Giorgia Meloni

Tapas for Enrico Letta also from the EU.  The Democratic Party insists: democracy in danger with Giorgia Meloni

Nothing, no way. Enrico Letta throws the hook, but no one across the border takes the bite. There is a modicum of fanfare from the liberal international press, but nothing comparable, at least for the time being, to the avalanches of arrows and clamor of the past. So, while the leader of the dem shouts wolf wolf, including videos in foreign languages ​​and targeted interviews, about the collapses of democracy and the stability of the western bloc that would materialize with a victory of the center-right (or rather, “the right” in piddina newspeak), the world goes on. And, above all, he looks at Italy with the compound respect that is due to the physiological exercise of democracy (outside here it is not an exceptional case). Yesterday, the last demonstration. A senior European official was consulted by journalists on the Italian issue, in view of the Eurogroup and Ecofin summits. When asked about the existence of fears in the face of a likely victory for the centre-right, he replied: “The elections of the member states must be respected. The Eurogroup does not speculate on the outcome of the vote». Indeed, he added that “it would be inappropriate for the European Union to take a stand.” So maximum balance. No allusion, not even veiled. None, not even minuscule, are periphrases to stigmatize forces that represent discontinuity or deviate from current Eurolism. Enrico Letta takes the bait of his horror story, but gets nothing. No red ransom. In a script absolutely consolidated in this electoral campaign.

There is the example of Hillary Clinton, to say the least. Pope of liberals around the world, whose word means a lot, despite not entering the political fray. Donald Trump’s Great Defeat and the populist wave of the forgotten people in 2016. Even from this side, nothing special. In a recent interview with Corriere della Sera, he commented on the possibility of Giorgia Meloni becoming prime minister. “The election of a country’s first prime minister always represents a break with the past, and it’s certainly a good thing.” Emphasizing: «But then, like any leader, woman or man, she must be judged by what she does. I never agreed with Margaret Thatcher, but I admired her determination. Clearly, then, ideas are voted on ». Sacrosanct and respectful. A lesson in style for the feminists in our house, for whom the breaking of the glass ceiling should only be celebrated if the author is one of her cultural fields. Again, no nightmares and no ghosts.

As well as American institutions. For weeks, the Italian left-wing press alluded to who knows what the White House fears. In late July, however, a State Department spokesperson, speaking to Lapresse, again on the Italian issue, said: “We respect and support the Italian constitutional process”, in any case “The United States and Italy are close allies of a strong partnership founded on the shared values ​​of democracy, human rights and economic prosperity. We will continue to work closely together.” Message delivered by a Democratic Administration, much more than its own emulators.

Source: IL Tempo