Dialogue, trial bubbles and mistrust

Dialogue, trial bubbles and mistrust

Dialogue, trial bubbles and mistrust

Argentina’s politics remain unchanged and unchanged in their essence; And society too. far from each other. Faithless and mistrustful, all

Eduardo "Vado" Pedro and Christina Kirschner
Eduardo “Vado” Pedro and Christina Kirschner

Worry gave way to disbelief, and disbelief to more pronounced disbelief. What could have been changed ends up being (almost) in the same place after a week. Argentina’s politics are unchanged and unchanged in their essence. And society too. far from each other. Faithless and mistrustful, all.

Measurements of the state of public opinion in the first hours after the assassination attempt. Christina KirchnerShow a reality that is both static deep down and over-excited on the surface. Extreme minute-to-minute variations result in a flat and dull average at the end of the day.

What is happening in the society and what is happening in the political superstructure is going on simultaneously. The pendulum swing of the ruling party, which in just five days went from the absolute disqualification of opponents and critics to the establishment of elections without any supposed political dialogue, density or concrete plan, left nothing in between.. the same as it was. There has been no substantial progress. Fractures are still exposed and crystallized, without specific actions aimed at their welding.

“If a tsunami that can change an entire geography, like an assassination attempt, has not changed the attitude of the Argentinians, It’s hard to imagine what would have to happen for something to change. It takes not one but many things that happen many times for change,” he observes in amazement. Paul KnopoffDirector of consulting firm Isonomia.

The consultant is not talking about an opinion that has hardly changed at all, but rather The attitude of society and leadership, which, on the contrary, seems to be consolidated. More than isolated events, repeated promises and occasional answers, longer-term solutions to old and entrenched problems are expected. The crisis of representation is still intact.

Doubts about even what appears to be a direct and straightforward attack on the vice president are the epitome of a state of doubt and division that the denied fact has fueled.

This is confirmed by “hot” polls, when the shock situation had not yet dissipated, as reflected in a survey by the consulting firm Trespuntozero. there, 53.6% of the participants of the consultations believe that the attack is “a fictitious act used by Christina Kirchner to make herself a victim”. The seen is interpreted according to what is believed, which is often confused with the known.

On this state of doubt, which is aggravated at the top of the political leadership, A Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro’s Opponents Poll with whom he had some relationship about the possibility of opening channels or spaces for dialogue. Nothing that could easily flourish.

All the more so that there was a great deal of interest in these calls in terms of the opportunity to publicize them and the willingness to attend The mass that Peronism has called for tomorrow in Luyan After the attack on the Vice President. Installations that are very similar Adhesion contract for adversaries. Religious rituals are not the place for discussion And publicity of intentions does not always pave the way for achievement. On the contrary, he tends to conspire against them.

The informality of the initiative, the lack of a pre-developed plan and doubts about the authority of the interior minister to implement it were added to the precedent set by his own statements last Friday amid concerns about the assassination attempt. .

in them De Pedro accused the media, critical journalists and opponents of creating a “climate of hatred and revenge”. which ended with an attempt to kill the vice president. Mediator there.

A call to dialogue by someone who, despite everything, offers himself as It turned out to be a bold maneuver by the most dialogical organization of the ruling party. If not a paradox. Carrying out a conversation is not the same as effectively concretizing it. It shouldn’t be too surprising though. De Pedro is part of the same government that called in the man who was ranked in the top five of the least trusted politicians in order to restore confidence. And, so far, it hasn’t gone badly. Especially regarding advertisements.

The absence of Cambia senators from yesterday’s late session of the Senate, which was convened to reject the attack against the President of that body, speaks to the difficulties of advancing consensus and the doubt that surrounds and complicates everything.

Relations in the universal sphere of democratic coexistence are not so simple, and which everyone claims is the right place to develop political dialogue.

In this context, There are too many who suspect that together for change there is no real intention to establish dialogue and restore a climate of harmony..

Doubts and beliefs prevail among Cambiamites that there are two more real and concrete reasons behind de Pedro’s call: on the one hand, They suggest that they are trying to deepen the differences within Together for Change, which peaked two weeks ago, causing a fracture; On the other hand, they consider it an attempt Exposing opponents as tough (haters).

There are endogenous and exogenous reasons for doubt. The arc of different reactions, which only resulted in a few attempts, reveals the internal micro-fragmentation, as well as the level of mistrust that crystallizes them among cambiamites.

Acceptance, albeit with conditions, expressed by radicals such as Gerardo Morales, Facundo Manes and Emiliano JacobiteThe opposite is the absolute denial of the most severe macristas, such as Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrichand civil Elisa Cario. There are many nuances and doubts in the middle.

Some believe that this is an opportunity, arising from the weakness in which Kirchnerism finds itself, to add more followers, as recent episodes have dramatically confirmed. Others think it’s just a trap sprung by a dialogue spirit simulation that doesn’t exist. Too many differences between visions, perceptions and positions. Very close matches.

Recent announcements Andres “The Spade” LarocqueAnother leader of La Cámpora combined the reasons for no confidence.

His self-critical and condescending remarks, followed by casting serious doubts on some of his opponents, with an apparent reference to the head of Pro, Patricia Bullrich, for not denying the attack, reaffirmed the prejudices.

The minister from Buenos Aires urged “to be aware that there are probably sectors that understand that a culture of hatred can be profitable in political matters”. If, according to the camp’s logic, hate speech leads to murder, it would treat them as potential murderers.. No more, no less.

Step up Christina and split

Everything seems to support the speculations and theories of those who perceive the ruling party’s expectation (and tactics) to split the opposition. This was one of the scenarios (or goals) that Christicamporism outlined a few hours after the assassination attempt.

The two political consequences of the attack, which was launched monolithically in this space, were that it was intended lead to “pushing Peronism beyond Christina Kirchner and increasing the chances of breaking up together for changeBefore the presidential elections next year. So they let it pass without filters.

The sounds of Kirchnerism that emerged later coincided with the 2023 Vice President’s eventual presidential bid and concluded this speech. However, more convincing than postulating advances is the hypothesis that This is a relaunch of his leadership for all Peronism, not a candidacy to return to the presidency.. In any case, it’s about creating conditions and expanding options for the boss to decide. And no one can appear or try to create an app without your consent in the meantime.

Backup and files for Massa

Political speculations do not rest in the midst of the commotion. So much so that efforts from the factories of Christicamporism are directed at putting anything related to the assassination attempt at the center of the public agenda, which other news threatens to displace, as already seen in ratings and site metrics. . And it is not intended to sustain attention only because of the deplorable special nature of a political attack of this nature and the devastating consequences that its implementation would have for democracy and social peace. Sometimes the calculation is presented even in the smallest details.

Thus stifled, in this wing of everyone’s front, there appears to be a proliferation of statements of achievement that this will be concrete. Serge Massa While traveling in the United States. Among them was a special loan that the IDB gave without major conditions to boost reserves by billions of dollars, which is needed like oxygen. Not everyone wants to see to believe.

Before the attack, it was heard at Instituto Patria that “Sergio [Massa] You need to press it so that it stabilizes the plane that was about to sink, and also fix it so that it does not take off. If necessary, write it down from time to time. A week before the attack on the vice-president, his son Maximo and Laroque seemed to embody order and apparently restricted the field for him.

Others, such as a closed circuit Axel KitsiloThey are quiet, but they allow obstacles to overcome. “We don’t like Massa’s case, but I don’t know if there was room for anything else. First, you need to establish stabilization. Second, get a dollar. Third, to carry out certain redistributive measures. Now we are in point 1 and waiting for point 2 to materialize, they say.

Polls after the attack support the importance of actions aimed at strengthening Cristicamporism, blocking any birth of other leaders and disbanding the opposition. “Christina didn’t expand her approval base at all, but she strengthened the walls of her bastion,” explains Knopoff. If the others are divided, their power is multiplied, even if nothing improves.

It is the logic by which politics operates, in the face of society, that seems unchanged even under the most extreme stimuli. It’s like he’s watching a movie about a political struggle that haunts him.

Thus, the attempt at dialogue appears as a smoke screen or a trial balloon in the midst of mistrust. In fluid and turbulent times, political conflicts become gaseous.

Source: La Nacion