Piazzapulita poll, FdI flies to 26.5% and highlights the Democratic Party. Meloni’s triumph also in the red forts

Piazzapulita poll, FdI flies to 26.5% and highlights the Democratic Party.  Meloni’s triumph also in the red forts

A triumph that goes far beyond the rosiest expectations. A survey that confirms the desire of Italians for a stable and cohesive government, ready to fight, even in Europe, for our own interests. A range that increases, day after day. Fratelli d’Italia flies to 26.5% and takes off. The Democratic Party drops to 21.1%, more than five points behind Giorgia Meloni. The Proger Index Research poll for Piazzapulita, less than twenty days before the 2022 election on September 25, photographs the growth of the movement of Guido Crosetto and Ignazio La Russa, increasingly at the top, lonesome.

On the lowest rung of the podium, the Five Star Movement, given by other researchers, ahead of the South. The current 14% is equivalent to an increase of five percent compared to the end of July. Conte highlights Salvini, stopped at 11%. Fight for fifth place: the Third Pole surpasses seven percent (7.2%, to be exact) and surpasses Forza Italia by two decimal places. Followed by Verdi-Sinistra Italiana (4%) and Italexit (3%).

There are numerous points of observation of the work carried out by Index. The first, of course, concerns the Brothers of Italy. Last night’s dinner in Florence, where the announced 2,000 attendances were largely exceeded, confirmed the desire for change even in those areas that were once defined as “red forts”. Even on Facebook, the controversy with Mayor Nardella made the Fdi secretary triumph. A survey that describes, better than a thousand words, Letta’s obvious difficulty in this election campaign (the “fascist danger” and the “useful vote” turned out to be harmful boomerangs), Conte’s excellent performance and the good result of the Calenda duo – Renzi. Salvini appears to be in trouble, perhaps also due to too much light emanating from his coalition partner in recent weeks.

Ben Paragone (intercepts all the discomfort of Novax) and the extreme left in ecological nuances. And Forza Italia? Berlusconi resists and raises. But the lack of social media presence of the movement founded by the former president of AC Milan weighs heavily. Without the network, the consent of the undecided is not intercepted. A huge audience of Italians, even today. And unheard of.

Source: IL Tempo