Searching Videos, Cell Phones and ‘Secure Folder’: Justice investigates Sabbagh and Uliarte’s friends to find others involved in Christina Kirchner’s attack.

Searching Videos, Cell Phones and ‘Secure Folder’: Justice investigates Sabbagh and Uliarte’s friends to find others involved in Christina Kirchner’s attack.

Searching Videos, Cell Phones and ‘Secure Folder’: Justice investigates Sabbagh and Uliarte’s friends to find others involved in Christina Kirchner’s attack.

The young woman’s cell phone had a file with an extra key; She and her boyfriend were detained by the Vice President before Prosecutor Luciani’s statement; Suspicious of other people

Brenda Uliarte and Fernando Sabag Montiel
Brenda Uliarte and Fernando Sabag Montiel

Investigators of the attack on the vice president Christina Kirchner – which is a week old today – analyze thousands of videos, cell phone messages and photos to determine if the two are busy, Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarteacted alone or If they had the support of a close friend, which is under investigation.

Three elements have attracted attention in recent hours. One is Brenda Uliarte’s cell phone, which was password-cracked using special software, but also had “secure folder”. This is a special partition of the Samsung phone’s memory, which is also protected by an additional password, where images and personal messages are stored. Not every cell phone user knows about it, let alone uses it. Work is underway to unlock this secret content.

Another new piece of information that raised doubts among image analysts is that recovery has become possible. Video from last August 23One day later, the prosecutor Diego Luciani demanded a 12-year prison sentence for Christina Kirchner. Sabag Montiel, Uliarte and a third person are seen near the Vice President’s house. In the midst of the protesters there.

Airport security police, who are analyzing the images, are trying to determine if it is one of the couple’s friends to expand their list of suspects.

circle of friends

Are they investigating? Nicholas Carrizo, the owner of the bottle and cart with which Brenda Uliarte sold cotton flakes. To this hypothesis is added existence A message in which Carrizo writes to another friend telling her that Brenda claimed responsibility for the attack. They are all elements under analysis that are not sufficient to take any action. So far, all of the couple’s friends have testified as witnesses, cooperated with the investigation, provided phone numbers and text messages.

In Uliarte’s case, his cell phone had 120 gigabytes of data. It was connected for 24 hours to charge and avoid surprises during opening. Access was gained and specialists found an additional password-protected “secure folder” that they are trying to unlock to find out what it hides.

Nicholas Carrizo and Brenda Uliarte
Nicholas Carrizo and Brenda Uliarte

“The group of friends were more or less aware of what had happened, including comments that they should be careful when talking on their mobile phones. There were Facebook accounts that were created specifically for communication. [Eso] He talks about having minimal knowledge of how to conduct himself,” said a source in the case, who nevertheless points out that friends of the couple are witnesses to the case.

A tour before the attack

A third new piece of information was provided about cellphone geolocation in the days leading up to the attack and last Thursday. And there they found a surprise: Uliarte’s and Sabag Montiel’s devices were connected to the same antenna at Christina Kirchner’s house.Until August 22, when Lucian made a plea.

This data weakens the argument that the requirement of a conviction was the reason for the execution of the criminal plan to kill the vice president. The information confirms the line of investigation that it was planned, that the attack was premeditated, prepared, as the judge noted. Maria Eugenia Capuchetti While investigating the accused.

The information, which went beyond the world of politics, and which allowed the identification of the shooter to be analyzed, was provided by a militant who testified before the authorities. In his political reference to testify, he explained that he was with Sabag Montiel when he challenged the vice president. He said he heard the gun go off and when it didn’t fire he saw him trying to adjust the gun, manipulate it, trying to get the bullet out.. He added that Sabbagh tried to pull the slide to put the first bullet in the chamber and fire again, but the crowd that came upon him did not give him time and that is why he dropped the gun on the ground.

In the evening, Judge Capuchetti’s team met with PSA investigators to assess the evidence and discuss future avenues of investigation.

Three breaks

It is that today, in the early hours of the morning, three raids were carried out “where evidence related to the reconstruction of the reported events was recovered”, said judicial sources.

Two raids were carried out in San Miguel and one in San Martin, at 700 Villa Zagala, Uriburu Street, where Sabag Montiel lived. It was amazing to find it in the home of the arrested suspect Many mobile phones, some old, some in bad condition and batteries. In addition, a hard drive was removed from the notebook, which is being analyzed.

There were also a few in San Martin Baby items and biological remains such as umbilical cordsAccording to her relatives, probably from the child that Brenda lost during the pandemic. Ultrasound examination, vaccination cards and Newborn boy bracelet.

Judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti
Judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti

Also, in another operation in San Miguel, the PSA raided the home of Lucas Ocampo, Uliarte’s ex-boyfriend, who contacted investigators yesterday and said he had information to contribute. When he was called as a witness, he said that Uliarte asked him for shelter on Thursday night after the failed attack. And that he stayed to sleep in the house that was ransacked today. PSA was removed from the site White nylon bag that the young woman was wearing on the day of the attack, according to images from security cameras.

PSA was also taken from a Black umbrella that according to Ocampo, Uliarte went to his house on the Friday when he left. The defendant’s ex-boyfriend said he did not tell her about the items, but left them in plain sight. two objects They are tested to determine, among other things, whether they have gunpowder residue.

Sources in the investigation described Ocampo, who works as a brick mason, as “valuable” and ruled out any responsibility for the events being investigated. Even so, the man handed over his mobile phone, which will also be checked by the PSA.

A few hours before the attack, Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend were at McDonald’s in the town of Quilmes. According to images captured by the fast-food outlet’s security cameras, the pair walked in – both wearing the same clothes they wore during the attack – and looked around the place. in a minute Uliarte picked up the paper from the floor that the woman threw a few minutes agoIt was also caught by security cameras.

Footage that investigators have shows Uliarte lifting the paper, giving it to her boyfriend, who after looking at it, throws it in the trash, sources in the case said. Now they are looking for the identity of the woman who dropped the paper on the floor. They still haven’t discovered his identity.

“Everything, absolutely everything, is a line of inquiry until it can be ruled out as unnecessary”told himA source working on the case indicated an intention to reveal whether someone else was responsible for the attempted assassination of the vice president. “Sabag Montiel and Uliarte’s responsibility is confirmed, it’s round,” the source added.

Source: La Nacion