Amalia Granata denied that she apologized for the statements about Christina Kirchner and will continue as a deputy

Amalia Granata denied that she apologized for the statements about Christina Kirchner and will continue as a deputy

Amalia Granata denied that she apologized for the statements about Christina Kirchner and will continue as a deputy

Justice sought to expel him from the legislature after he called the attack on the vice president a “pantomime”; He could not get the votes to move forward

Deputy Amalia Granata
Deputy Amalia Granata

SANTA FE.- Finally, Amalia Granata (Somos Vida block) avoided the danger of justice, which He wanted to expel him from the Chamber of Deputies After qualifying this province “Pantomime” Christina Kirchner was attacked last Thursday in Recoleta, near her apartment.

According to the MP Leandro BusatoFrom the Justicialista bloc, Granata apologized for his statements and thus avoided sanctions. But the deputy categorically denied this situation. “It’s a lie, I didn’t apologize and I stand by what I said!” Do not deceive the readers,” he said, referring to the social network “Twitter” and the statements published by Busato. .

“The issue has been resolved [la comisión de Labor] Parliamentary. The deputy expressed his vision, saying that what he expressed in the radio program where he works six years ago was taken taken out of context. And that his remarks were meant as a joke. who asked for forgiveness“, he wrote a comment Busato.

Before starting the question, the lawmaker explained that “even though we have a different opinion, it was decided in the commission.” But we will continue to work so that respect prevails. “

It is impossible not to apologize. Of course we wish it was public. But we have to understand that the issues that are important to people are not what we politicians tell ourselves, but work to change the reality of people who are having a bad time,” he emphasized in statements to LT 10 Radio Universidad.

After Granata’s statements were archived, the lower house session at the Santa Fe Legislature continued as usual.

As reported, Justicialismo declared until the last moment that he was going to present this afternoon the need to discuss the project aimed at ousting Granata from the bench, not only because he believed that what was known was a “pantomime”. Because of the attack that Cristina Kirchner suffered, but later, when she heard the intention of the PJs to expel her, in the program of Marcelo Pollino, she gave her verdict: “Don’t look for me, because look, I’m leaving. If I start talking about all your rackets, I’ll start talking about her lovers, look I know everything that’s going on. “I know everything they do and I’m going to get involved not only with their lovers, but with their families, mothers, children, everyone… Don’t forget that apart from politics, I’m a journalist and I’m investigating,” he threatened.

In order not to doubt his position, Granata said a few hours ago: “I represent the people in my chair. There are people who think like me. Kirchnerism wants to throw out a man who was elected in a democracy to represent the thoughts of those who voted for me. It is very dangerous for something like this to happen,” he said.

And he concluded: “Different opinions are not tolerated in the legislature. You can’t react to expulsion, you can express your disagreement.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Paola Bravo (Bloque Lealtad Kirchnerista) presented a project that demanded the exclusion of Granata from the lower house of Santa Fe “his Obvious violation of behavior in the performance of their functions“.

The PJ tried to have the subject treated in a special session last Friday where he denied attacking the vice president. It was when the deputies Bravo and Mathilde Bruera They presented a project to expel Granata from the legislature, alleging a violation of Article 50 of the provincial constitution: “misbehavior in the exercise of their functions.”

However, this afternoon it was clear that this initiative was not going to flourish, as PJ/Kirchnerismo does not have the two-thirds of the votes needed to table the initiative at the extraordinary session, since the Progressive Front, Civil and Social has a majority of legislators (out of 50 28) and his allies did not want to discuss it either.

Source: La Nacion