Piazzapulita, Giorgia Meloni thanks Formigli: “The hate campaign works”. And post the amazing photo

It didn’t take long to make the first episode of Piazzapulita, after the long summer break, an affair. LA7 conductor Corrado Formigli, on Friday, September 9, immediately opened with the upcoming political elections, but before interviewing the Democratic Party secretary in the studio, Enrico Letta wanted to talk about Fratelli d’Italia, the first party in all the polls, and of its leader Giorgia Meloni, who refused the repeated invitations of the stations. “Neither you nor another member of the Brothers of Italy will be coming here for the next few weeks. Anyway, I’ll ask the questions anyway,” announced Formigli opening the episode of his talk show. And below the barrage of questions directed at the center-right leader looking straight into the camera.

“You’re an Atlanticist now, calm down, but there’s a video I can’t get out of my head”. In the video, Meloni is seen in the company of Viktor Orban, the Hungarian minister: “Mr Meloni, Orban has always been his political model. If he goes to the government, his right will be a right still close to Orbán or he will find a way to explain tell the Italians that their idea of ​​society will be very different from what Viktor Orban pointed out to us?”, is the first question. Then the report on Orban begins, the statements made by the Prime Minister of Hungary. The conductor only asks questions, in bursts. without an interlocutor, but the service it broadcasts has nothing to do with the FdI leader and the political elections. In the end, the answer comes from the interested party who cannot fail to thank the presenter of La7: “I must admit that the demonization campaign against us is working”, writes Meloni on social media, making fun of the episode and publishing the photo of the poll made just for Piazzapulita and in which Fratelli d’Italia is in first place with 26.5 percent.

Source: IL Tempo