M5S, Giuseppe Conte turns into Steve Jobs: how he performs on stage

Giuseppe Conte appears on the stage of the Conciliazione Auditorium and, looking at him, the mind immediately runs to the presentations of the ‘creatures’ of Steve Jobs, father of Apple. Dark shirt and pants, sneakers, tablet in hand, with which he connects with the guests who appear on the giant screen, interspersed with videos that tell the journey made to date by the 5 Star Movement. And then he introduces the new show. Almost a new baptism for the party, after four and a half years of government, an internal crisis that culminated in the split of Luigi Di Maio and the fall of the Draghi government. And Conte goes back to the old days, at the dawn of the M5s, when he points out the differences between the Movement and the others: “The other parties, from Meloni to Salvini, are divided on everything. The only thing they march on together is the war on the poor, whoever earns 500 euros a day takes it out on those who receive 500 euros in state aid a month”. The Caste War therefore takes you back to 2013 with the arrival of the M5s in parliament. Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge.

And Conte retraces the path taken since the days of Vaffa: “We are trying to bring order, to counter privileges, to end these injustices, to fight annuities, we still have a lot to do. We are an unconditional force, uncomfortable, constantly and daily attacked. I don’t think it has ever happened to a political force to be so opposed in the media and in public debate”, underlines the leader of the pentastellato. “We will never fall into victimization. The day they don’t attack us, we’ll have to worry, that means we’re going in the wrong direction.” We move on to the flag measures, defended by Conte and his men from external attacks: “The income deductions for citizens do not exceed 1 percent. Construction hits, in the superbonus, are worth 3% of hits in Italy. I have never seen so much political and media fury».

Source: IL Tempo