Against the tide, the black smoke in the gas worries dem Ricci: “Then Europe will not make it”

In the episode of Contestant on September 9, the lack of agreement in the European Union on the gas war with Russia is discussed. The guest of the talk show Rete4 hosted by Veronica Gentili is Matteo Ricci, mayor of Pesaro and exponent of the Democratic Party: “The clearest no comes from Orban. Therefore, Orban’s no cannot be equated with the perplexities of other countries about the gas price ceiling. This history shows that either in the future we will have a more federal and less intergovernmental Europe or Europe will not be successful. This is a major theme of the election campaign, which has not yet emerged, we want a Europe that has a common policy on fundamental issues, within which Italy alone is not going anywhere. I am thinking of energy, foreign policy, defense policy, migration policy. A totally different vision of Europe is also at stake in the election campaign”.

“We – reiterates Ricci – want a more united and federal Europe, the sovereigns want it more and more in the hands of nationalists and individual nations. It is obvious that a Europe where the entire European Council decides unanimously is a Europe that does not decide and it is a great question that we live in the shoes of Italians on the energy issue and it is the demonstration that Europe is not something far from ‘Italy , but the prerequisite for Italy to be a protagonist on fundamental issues, starting with social issues and, in this case, energy”.

Source: IL Tempo