Energy emergency, Matteo Salvini baffled by the EU: “Postponement? They live in a parallel world”

“Time is money, the fact that the EU was updated in October means that someone lives in a parallel dimension to ours.” Matteo Salvini, protagonist of a face-to-face meeting in Rome with Dario Costantini, president of the CNA, does not mince words against the European Union for the delays in the decision on the gas and electricity emergency. “The emergency – adds Salvini – is the bills. The Council of Ministers was there yesterday, they postponed it to next week. In the EU, they postponed it to October. Calmly, there is no hurry… We must act quickly. Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte, let’s split up on immigration, flat tax, limited number of medicines, Tav and power plant, the project is not fascist or communist. I would not like it to arrive at the end of October, because instead of 30 you put 50 billion to guarantee not working. Before the balance sheets are made, your employee’s salary arrives at the end of the month. The next few months will be very difficult, I prefer to be serious and come here with my head held high in the next few months.”

In addition to expensive energy, Salvini returned to address sanctions on Russia: “This week’s Economist, which is on newsstands, questions whether sanctions are working. Point. Unfortunately, in Italy, in this moment of political correctness, if you ask yourself, you are Soviet. I’m the furthest away from this ideology, this culture of this mentality, but since you’re paying the sanctions if you have to, cheers, I think that to stop a war anyone is willing to face a sacrifice and God forbid. We are family members. In the first six months, however… don’t let me go any further, otherwise three more commissions of inquiry will open for me, so we will vote on sanctions until we are asked and as long as they are necessary, the important thing is that even in the system of sanctions there is someone in the context of western countries who is winning and there is someone who is undermining us”.

“In the United States – underlines the leader of the League – gasoline costs a tenth of what it does in Italy. Norway has increased its revenues tenfold. The Netherlands, home to the commercial exchange, is earning billions of euros. Italy, Germany and Great Britain are undermining us. So, even in the context of sanctioning countries, I ask for a little sharing, a little solidarity, a little sharing of profits and sacrifices. Because we are the most exposed. So I don’t think this is Putinism, I’m pro-Italian. Eh, the Italians pay me my salary and I should defend the right of Italians to work”. “So, we will continue to protect the Ukrainian people in every way possible, the important thing is that our production system does not stay in the air. I simply ask for it”, concludes Salvini.

Source: IL Tempo