Dl Aiuti, Mario Draghi beats parties: “No to party interests”. The challenge with the M5S

Dl Aiuti, Mario Draghi beats parties: “No to party interests”.  The challenge with the M5S

Mario Draghi surpasses the parties in aid and raised his voice in the council of ministers for the disbursement of support to Italian families and companies. “Be careful not to lend yourself to special interests. Right now we need seriousness ”the Prime Minister’s words reported by Il Foglio, who underlines how“the Prime Minister has not pointed the finger at anyone in particular, made a more ecumenical speech. But of course he didn’t like the obstruction that some, in particular the 5 Star Movement, are doing in Parliament”. The Chambers still haven’t approved the aid project for a few months and everything is blocked.

“17 billion euros are mainly held hostage by some amendments to the M5s that aim to modify the rules for the transfer of credit in Superbonus. A flag question that would question the system developed in recent months by the Mef to make fraud unfeasible, very common in the initial stages of application of the measure. But also in the unilateral reduction of the price of invoices, the M5s introduced a change that, according to some, would benefit the large electricity companies. That’s why Draghi hinted, respectfully, not with anger or flattery, to ‘not lend oneself to particular interests’” the newspaper’s background. Tense air, therefore, between the party led by Giuseppe Conte and the former European central banker, who wants to accelerate the issue also to leave a less onerous task for the new government, facilitating the delivery and putting the turbo in the third aid package to the Italians. In the face of such an emergency, we must all take a step back.

Source: IL Tempo