Anibal Fernandez confirmed that the federal police will do a “special job” to protect Cristina Kirchner.

Anibal Fernandez confirmed that the federal police will do a “special job” to protect Cristina Kirchner.

Anibal Fernandez confirmed that the federal police will do a “special job” to protect Cristina Kirchner.

The Minister of Security expressed the need to “review” the imprisonment of the Vice President after the assassination attempt, however he assured that the former President is not afraid of what happened; “Christina is not a terrible person,” he said.

FILE: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner signs copies of her book in her Recoleta apartment
FILE: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner signs copies of her book in her Recoleta apartment

In the midst of questioning his figure for the actions of the National Security Forces in the attempted assassination of Security Minister Christina Kirchner, Hannibal Fernandezspoke this Friday about it A “review” of the vice president’s stewardship is needed.. In radio statements, he assured that “special work” will be done for such purposes in the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) and also spoke about the emotional state of the former president after the incident.

“Christina is not a terrible personThere is a person who must reconcile the call to contact people – which will not necessarily let him go – Minimal maintenance in terms of forms and that we have to respect and look at it,” Fernandez said in a statement today. Miter Radio.

After that he revealed “There are specific jobs that the forces, and in this case the Argentine Federal Police (PFA)who is his guardian and has very skilled people in his training, spread”.

Also briefly, the official pointed out Wednesday Attack against Christina Kirchner. in the opportunity He emphasized the action of justice in the case Investigation of the events of September 1 and He demanded adherence to procedural deadlines without “guessing”.

“Both the court involved in the case and the prosecutor’s office act in accordance with the law and with a seriousness worthy of mention.Fernandes announced this in a statement FM homeland And he added: “All the elements that could be searched and investigated are very well ordered.”

Later, when they asked her thought About the attempted murder, he emphasized that the case “It’s not a riddle” And it implies “serious and responsible work by research professionals”. “You have to understand yourself that this is a riddle. What was quickly picked up by security cameras is the presence of these people [Fernando Sabag Montiel y su novia] with the intention of harming Christina. Then the whole investigation process begins. There are elements that make it worse,” he said.

In turn, consultations were held with the minister Bill against hate speech He demanded from certain sectors of the ruling party, to which he responded sternly: “Let’s not guess. If at any time a bill appears, I will make my comments. “. In addition, he agreed with national officials who stated that “anti-discrimination laws still exist and can be applied.”

Request for impeachment against Fernandez

Yesterday, the “Civil Coalition” block of deputies presented the start of the project impeachment against Fernandez, who is responsible for the failure to arrest Christina Kirchner. Lawmakers accuse him of dereliction of duty.

“Bad performance of the minister is undeniable and inevitable. Ჯanmo There is no right to ensure the physical integrity of the highest authority of the nation And, as a conclusion, those who cannot control the final incompetence of the personnel in charge of them cannot ensure the safety of the residents of the Argentine nation,” the deputy emphasized. Monica FreudThe promoter of the initiative, supported by his colleague.

In the bill, the lawmakers warned that the federal security forces, which are exclusively responsible for the vice president’s detention after the judge’s decision. Robert Gallardo – who removed the Buenos Aires police from this role – not only failed in the security operation, but in addition They failed to secure evidence that would have compromised the aggressor.

“Protocol was completely ignored: vice president was not surrounded in a technically appropriate manner; On the contrary, the members of this security entourage were observed to be far from the target and – the episode happened – The place was not evacuated; “The signing of the book and the exhibition of the body (Kristina Kirchner) were delayed,” the deputies noted.

They also blamed the security forces – led by Fernandes failed to chain the mobile phone seized from the aggressor. “The truth is that the device Going to reset the court, which to this day prevents him from retrieving the information and images in his memory. The information, which, it should be noted, is vital for the investigation of the facts”, – they announced the verdict.

Source: La Nacion