Elections 2022, the left studies the trap after the vote

Elections 2022, the left studies the trap after the vote

Decree of aid, dear energetic ones and Pnrr. All blocked or postponed until after the elections. According to “Il Giornale”, the strategy of the left and many Dragians would be very clear: fan the flames of social tensions to provoke an autumn of protests against the future center-right government. In the newspaper we read that “Pd, Five Stars and several dragons want a baptism of fire for the center-right government. Squares on fire and exhausted families. This is the scenario dreamed of by the progressive front. The left dreams of a turnaround to the sound of protests. and social revolt”.

To understand the trap in which the left is working, it is enough to read the statements of some exponents of the center-left. “I believe that Aid is at risk. There is a serious risk of losing 17 billion in aid to Italians. That money had to intervene in gasoline excise taxes and utility bills. Responsibility has a first and last name, Giuseppe Conte. As well as the maximum price, to be established in Europe, does not see a compact majority and this one has another name and surname, Matteo Salvini. The knots will reach their peak in the autumn”, comments the satisfied Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi di Maio.

The game, however, has already been unmasked by Matteo Salvini who smelled the trap: «If you want, you can pass a decree worth 30 billion dollars. If I have to save thousands of jobs, budget constraints come later. The League is already preparing to win the elections, but I ask Letta why not pass this decree today. What prevents you? Who forbids us? I wouldn’t want someone who loses the election to not want to do nothing for a month and aim for chaos and play with jobs. It would be irresponsible”.

Source: IL Tempo