Meloni disintegrates the group of protesters: “So you’re reduced?” Left-wing own goal over migrants

Meloni disintegrates the group of protesters: “So you’re reduced?”  Left-wing own goal over migrants

Fratelli d’Italia has a more humane idea of ​​immigration than the left. Giorgia Meloni sets out to attack the workhorse of Enrico Letta and his companions to counter the center-right in a direct social from Trento, a new stage of the electoral tour in view of the September 25th Policy. “The provocations heard in recent years about immigration are excessive. The left has overlapped the issue of immigrants with that of refugees… “, says the FdI leader who responds to a group of protesters at the back of the square: “In normal nations it happens that if you want to legally enter Italy to work regularly, you must be able to do it. While in recent years no one has been able to legally enter here because all immigration quotas have been covered by those who entered illegally giving money to their smuggler friends! ».

“And since we abolished slavery a few centuries ago – Meloni warms – I don’t think about giving money to the slave trade of the third millennium … that immigrants serve because they do a job that Italians don’t want to do. It’s false, the truth is who do so under conditions that Italians are unwilling to accept. Which means, dear comrades, that mass immigration is a tool in the hands of your friends in big business to revise workers’ rights downwards… but you wasn’t it left once? But that’s how you’re reduced! To support the great financial speculation, to support Soros… what a bad ending you have, what a bad ending!», Meloni replies to his opponents.

«If you want to enter Italy, enter only legally – comments the president of the FDI – respecting the rules of the Italian state. And I tell you one last thing, dear friends there at the end of the square… You really want to convince me that it is solidarity to let thousands of people in and then keep them on the corners of our streets to sell drugs or women to prostitute themselves ? Because I have a different idea of ​​what hospitality is. I have a much more serious and humane idea than yours because if you were so human, the chicken coop wouldn’t have devoured us like this… ». At the end of the Meloni meeting, before leaving the stage, he turns again to those who opposed: «Let’s applaud our friends who animated the square….».

Source: IL Tempo