The left sticks to the drawings: Letta and companions united only Peppa Pig

The left sticks to the drawings: Letta and companions united only Peppa Pig

The controversy over the turning of the rainbow of Peppa Pig, the English cartoon broadcast in Italy by Rai, erupts in the election campaign for the September 25 vote. In fact, in one of the new episodes of the cartoon, a character with two mothers appears, and the Brothers of Italy requested that the public service paid by the Italians with the fee not broadcast the episode. This way? Not by chance, with the left lacking arguments – but there would be, starting with the expensive bills – that the wave is surfing.

Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta doesn’t say twice: “We’ve come to this, to talk about Peppa Pig, because unfortunately that’s the right, a right that poses existential questions about issues that shouldn’t even be discussed, which demonstrates the backwardness of our country”. In fact, it was Carlo Calenda who started: “We are facing an illusory election campaign: while companies close, we are talking about Peppa Pig”.

For once, Nicola Fratoianni from Alleanza Verdi-Sinistra agrees with Letta: “Rainbow families exist and must have all their rights guaranteed. At this point, I suggest to Meloni that he eliminate Qui Quo Qua, the three grandchildren who grew up with Donald Pato “.

In the centre-right, Matteo Salvini cuts the issue sharply, stressing that it is something that interests adults: “Hands off Peppa Pig, Masha and Urso and Cinderella. For me, blocking electricity bills and gas, because many Italians won’t even have the money to pay Rai’s license fee, which is associated with electricity.” And that’s why he replies to anyone who asks him for a judgment: “I leave children the right to enjoy cartoons, stories of fairies that have been seen and seen all their lives with no novelties that interest adults more than children. , if I have to choose between Peppa Pig and beads, I choose beads.” Speech ended.

Source: IL Tempo