Calenda’s Admission on Draghi: “It is evident that…” embarrassment for In Onda

Calenda’s Admission on Draghi: “It is evident that…” embarrassment for In Onda

It only remains for Carlo Calenda to cheer against a center-right government that could emerge from the September 25 vote. “It will last less than six months because Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini would vote with Marco Rizzo, secretary of the Communist Party, instead of making a government or maintaining a government with Giorgia Meloni”, says the leader of Action during this Saturday’s episode, 10 September by In Onda, in La7.

The prophecy of Calenda, similar to a kind of positive thinking, is that the alleged conflict between center-right leaders will cause the government to explode, even if “I don’t think they will win and have a majority”. Anyway, for the leader of Action, if “the majority is tight in the House and Senate, Berlusconi and Salvini, the first thing they will do is ask for the return of Mario Draghi”, is the “prediction” of Calenda.

In short, Calenda’s recipe is to trust Draghi without his knowledge. Concita De Gregorio, who leads the program with David Parenzo, asks if there have been any contacts between him and the outgoing prime minister in recent weeks, either directly or through “Sherpas”. “No, and it is evident that it is not so”, admits Calenda, who argues: “But if a situation arises in which there is not a clear victory” in the elections, Draghi is already in Palazzo Chigi “and the possibilities that everyone is asking for him staying makes it very difficult for him to say he’s leaving.”

Source: IL Tempo