Congressmen question generator monopoly

This Monday it was ‘face to face’ between the Congress of the Republic and the Minister of Mines and Energy, Irene Vélez. In the hall, the citing senators exposed the massive impact that the homes of millions of Colombians have as a result of energy rates.

Amid the political control debate conducted by the Fifth Commissionindicated that it is not fair that electricity producers have monopolized the sector and continue to perpetrate “scandal” against users with the “abrupt” rise in the cost of this service.

“The time has come for the hydraulic generators to do something for the Colombians, who have a monopoly, not allowing them to run over the users. The reliability surcharge also needs to be reviewed, we have paid billions of pesos to the generators, money that has not been checked. You have to put a magnifying glass on that,” said the senator of the Partido de la U, Jose David name.

In turn, the conservative senator Miguel Angel Barrett questioning the role of Superintendent of Residential Public Services when monitoring generators and other companies in the country’s energy chain.

He took into account the fact that the latter generate billions in profits and at the same time produce an increase in energy tariffs, which ultimately “affect” the users.

Source: El Heraldo