Obscene fight with racket blows between two tennis players, threats fly: “After you went into hiding”

At the Challenger tournament in Orleans, Frenchman Corentin Moutet and Bulgarian Adrian Andreev put on an obscene spectacle at the end of the round of 16.

Author: Alessio Morra

sneakers since it was the sport of white gestures, class and sportsmanship came above all else. That’s also why Federer and Nadal are admired by everyone, because they are two great examples on the pitch. But in this 2022 there were many bad episodes on the tennis courts. Above all, we remember the Wimbledon match between Kyrgios and Tsitsipas, a match without limits, but also the recent teammates of Medvedev and Bublik in the Metz tournament. In the challenging tournament of Orleans the limit was largely exceeded with an embarrassing brawl between Andreev and Moutet, who got some bad scores.

This week there is a series of ATP tournaments, played in Seoul, Sofia and Tel Aviv, but on the men’s field there are also a series of challenging tournaments, the most important being Orleans in France where something really happened today. the end of the match between the bulgarian Andrew and the french Mouth.

Melee at the end of the match between Andreev and Moutet.
Melee at the end of the match between Andreev and Moutet.

The two faced off last week at Genoa, always in a challenger. Andreev had won 6-4 in the third set in a very difficult match. Evidently something must have happened in Ligurian lands and that something came back to the surface, the rubbish was thrown away at the end of the game in Orleans. The Bulgarian loses the first set by 6-3, but then still comes back by winning two tie-breaks and manages to establish himself.

When the match ends, the two players approach the net to shake hands and give each other, but strong words fly between the two and a fight quickly breaks out. The two tennis players fight, and there is also a racket that flies, the chair umpire comes down quickly and splits them, while the two players continue to say shameful words to each other. Something very bad. Andreev and Moutet acquire world notoriety, but not for a success or a winning shot, but for a fight.

The referee leaves the chair and tries to divide the two players.
The referee leaves the chair and tries to divide the two players.

After meeting Moutet on his Instagram profile he explained why he was angry both when he finished the match with Andreev in Orleans and it was very difficult: “I don’t apologize for what happened at the end of the match. When a player twice says ‘Fuck you’ looking into his eyes, I can’t hide it and I can’t help but make him understand that this is wrong. At the end of the game you twisted. For you there are things that are acceptable, for me not.”

Then the Frenchman explains why he reacted like this: “Anyway, he threatened me and asked me to wait for him outside the camp. Which I did for ten minutes, but when he showed up he had six security guards protecting him. You hid. threats. I wait patiently and hope to have the chance to talk to you, calmly”.

Source: Fan Page IT