Dramatic Wrestling Finale: Opponent’s Convulsions Are Real, He Doesn’t Understand

In wrestling, fiction and reality are indistinguishable, to the point that even one of the protagonists doesn’t understand that his opponent has really serious problems: drama in the ring, impressive images.

Author: Paulo Fiorenza

Wrestling, as we know, is a combination of fighting figures that were experimented with a long time ago in training and placed in the context of a ‘script’ that transforms each fight into something more than a simple fight. There is a story that runs parallel to the wrestlers’ movements in the ring, often preceded and followed by other chapters placed in other fights.

The complicity between the fighters and the repeated trainings ensure that everything goes well, it’s hard not to notice that something is going off the tracks laid out at the table. However, it can happen that a fighter doesn’t understand that his opponent has serious problems – absolutely real – and falls on him, only to realize the drama that unfolds in the following moments, when the referee desperately calls for help.. The scene took place a few hours ago at the Arena Mexico, a sports pavilion in Mexico City with a capacity of almost 20,000 that is mainly used as a theater for wrestling matches.

Dulce Gardenia, 30-year-old Mexican wrestler
Dulce Gardenia, 30-year-old Mexican wrestler

The ‘Noche de Campeones’ was in progress, when during a fight between two fighters, one of the athletes, Dulce Gardênia, suffered from convulsions after being taken to the ring by one of the corner supports. It was the final combo written for the match, one of the most exciting of the night: at the same time, the other fighter of the losing couple was thrown from the other corner and both were immobilized while the referee counted the order. But even before being immobilized by Ángel de Oro, Dulce Gardenia was already convulsing, without anyone noticing.

After all, those leg and arm movements could very well be part of the role played at that moment by the fighter. Rather, dramatically, this was not the case. The referee was the first to understand what was happening and immediately called for help, as the winning couple interrupted the celebrations and the cold descended on the arena. The assistance in the ring did not last long, it was decided to put the unfortunate fighter on a stretcher as soon as possible and quickly take him to the hospital. At the moment, the conditions of Dulce Gardenia, the stage name of the 30-year-old Mexican Javier Márquez Gómez, are unknown: her Instagram profile, stopped a day ago, was flooded with messages of incitement.

Source: Fan Page IT