Stadium massacre in Indonesia, field invasion becomes lethal trap: 127 dead

Tragedy in Indonesia during a match valid for the first division of La Liga 1, with 127 deaths, including two children. A budget meant to increase.

Author: Marco Beltrami

tragedy in Indonesia. A football match valid for the first league, Liga 1, turned into carnage. It all started with the revolt of local fans, who invaded the field, forcing the police to intervene with tear gas. The panic generated triggered an escape attempt that ended badly. In fact, the budget is heavy, with 127 deaths, including 2 children and nearly 200 injuries. The reconstruction of what happened is chilling.

the one between Arema and Persebaya it was not a game like any other. The Super East Java Derby, scheduled at the Kanjuruhan stadium, in Malang, was highly anticipated by the two fans, protagonists of a fierce rivalry. The match was vibrant with the hosts who, after losing two goals, managed to equalize, deceiving their fans. The latter, however, fell into despair, when the guests made the new overtake, thus going to win. Frustration has turned to madness, and here is the invasion of the field by the ultrà dell’Arema, furious for the ko against what is a direct competitor.

The police at that moment wasted no time and to contain the huge wave of fans that invaded the field, they used the hard way also making tear gas use. At that moment, chaos ensued: the fans who were protagonists of the invasion, but also those in the stands, in panic, began to run in search of an escape route, even jumping over the fences. However, many of them lost consciousness due to the effects of the smoke cloud (which did not disperse), ending up on the ground. Here they were trampled underfoot by those who tried in every way to get out of the factory.

An endless chaos that lasted several minutes, within an uncontrollable agitation. A real hell, which left an apocalyptic scenario with many corpses scattered inside the stadium, and so many wounded. As if that wasn’t enough, the ultras launched themselves against the agents, with clashes and police cars set on fire.

The partial number is terrible: 127 dead, including two children and the same number of police officers. Unfortunately, however, the number of casualties is bound to increase, as the wounded number around two hundred, some very seriously. The videos of what happened are truly nightmarish, including those recorded inside hospitals, where some runners have become collection points for the corpses of fans who were unable to arrive.

Indonesia is in shock at this tragedy and all remaining BRI Liga 1 games have been suspended. in addition, a disciplinary measure has already been taken for Arema, which will no longer host games in its stadium until the end of the season. East Java Police Chief Irjan Pol Nico Afinta, in addition to confirming the launch of an investigation to reconstruct in detail what happened, in an official tweet took stock of the situation: “As a result of the disturbances in the Arema vs. Persebaya game, a total of 127 people died, 2 of whom were police officers, 34 people died in the stadium, the rest died in hospital.AND”.

Source: Fan Page IT