Nobody ever mortified Ajax like Napoli did: surreal scenes in the stands

Ajax completely faints against Napoli in front of their fans. The people of the Lancers felt humiliated by this heavy defeat and that’s why, even before the end of the game, they left a half empty stadium.

Author: Fabrizio Rinelli

The worst defeat ofajax in every competition since that 9-4 against Feyenoord in the league in November 1964. Napoli 6-1 in the home of Orange in fact marks a page in the history of this sport and opens disastrous scenarios in the home of Ajax. The Dutch are licking their wounds after a heavy knockout that leaves no room for any justification. Despite the initial advantage, the home team seemed to enter the field very superficially, with excessive confidence, being practically absent for most of the game. Napoli showed their strength right off the bat by cutting 6 goals in quick succession.

After Kvara's fifth goal, the stadium was already half empty.
After Kvara’s fifth goal, the stadium was already half empty.

Before tonight, in the entire history of the Champions League, only Borussia Dortmund in 2012 and Real Madrid managed to score at least 4 goals at Ajax. In fact, the Dutch had never conceded more than four goals in the Champions League. and the disappointment at Arena Cruijff it was a lot and indeed after the fourth goal scored by Kvaratskhelia, people got up and left the stadium. In a short time Fort Orange empties. A lot of disappointment for that total humiliation that rewards a Napoli capable of becoming the first Italian team to score more than 10 goals in the first three games of the group stage of the Champions League. A surreal and unusual scene for the people of Lancers used to very different performances from Ajax.

The stands at the Ajax stadium are empty 10 minutes from the end of the match.
The stands at the Ajax stadium are empty 10 minutes from the end of the match.

in rapid succession all sectors of Cruijff Arena empty and people make their way out disappointed with what they’ve seen. Many then vented their anger so much on social media that the hashtag #SchreuderOut quickly got into trend. In fact, there are several tweets from Ajax fans asking for the coach to be immediately relieved of his post. Others, on the other hand, nostalgically posted a photo of the formidable team that played the Champions League final in 2019 by being eliminated by Tottenham in the last minute of the semi-final back. Ajax supporters, as if that weren’t enough, in the final minutes of the game they also whistled heavily to the speaker of the stadium.

Everything happened almost by chance and perhaps, a lot of anger and disappointment for that result, easily unleashed the fury of the audience that remained in the stands until the end. The speaker had in fact left the microphone on by mistake and after seeing Napoli touch another goal he shouted: “OEFFF”. A cry of astonishment at the Azzurri’s missed goal. A flurry of whistles thus accompanied the speaker’s surprised reaction. which represents the icing on the cake in an absolutely unmissable match for Ajax. Orange are still on 3 points and are still in contention for a spot in the round of 16, even though in the last 4 games they have won just one championship point against the Go Ahead Eagles, losing to Liverpool and Naples in the Champions League and again. in the Eredivisie against AZ in the direct battle for primacy.

Source: Fan Page IT