Indonesia announces independent investigation into tragedy

The Indonesian government on Monday announced the opening of an independent investigation to clarify the tragedy that took place on a football field on Saturday, in which at least 125 people died after a stampede caused by clashes between police and fans.

“The police must immediately disclose the authors involved in the criminal acts,” Security Minister Mahfud MD said at a news conference, adding that “they will take measures” against those responsible and the police demanded “their procedures of safety”.

Mahfud also indicated that authorities are investigating the veracity of the videos published about the incident in which those responsible for security “transcend themselves and acted outside their authority”.

The team of researchers – including heads of ministries, professional football players, sporting event organisers, media professionals and academics – will be formed and coordinated by the Minister of Security over the next 24 hours.

This investigation is expected to end “in 2 or 3 weeks,” the head of the portfolio noted.

Police announce internal investigation

Indonesia’s national police said on Monday it was investigating 18 officers for firing tear gas canisters on Saturday during riots at a football field that left 125 dead.

These officers were “on duty” and were responsible for “operating the shotguns” to fire gas cylinders, police spokesman Dedi Prasetyo said at a news conference, according to the initial internal investigations of the incident.

The officer also indicated that they are watching more than 30 security cameras near the stadium to identify suspects for “destroying property inside or outside” the sports complex.

Source: El heraldo