Why did Teófilo Gutiérrez get mad at Julio Comesaña?

Not everything was peace and harmony. There were not just hugs, smiles and words of admiration. Julio Comesaña and Teófilo Gutiérrez had a quick brush up over a misunderstanding that they quickly cleared up in the midst of yesterday’s game that Junior defeated Deportivo Cali 1-0 yesterday at the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium, on matchday 15 of League II.

Comesaña himself explained the situation at the press conference after the sporting bet.

“When they lifted a paddle (the electronic board) for a change, I looked like this from the side, and I saw number 29, and I yelled at him, ‘I got out’ (with a Uruguayan accent). Then he got upset,” Julio Avelino said, laughing.

“Later I apologized and said to him, ‘I didn’t know’. He was so suspicious (he was doing an impersonation). And I said to him: ‘I’m not playing with that, don’t worry,'” the coach added.

The Colombian-Uruguayan clarified that that scene with Teófilo and another with Ángelo Rodríguez were only party issues.

With Ángelo there was a game with him, they complained to the referee. I told him adults didn’t have to pretend or anything. He explained to me that they hit the other one, that I don’t know what. It was a very nice conversation. They’re healthy guys, I’m not going to fight anyone, anyway, they’re friendly people,” he said.

About the hug and what he said to Teo at the time, Comesaña said: “Teófilo is a man of the house, he gave us a lot of joy, he gave me a lot of satisfaction when he started and later many triumphs. He never had any problems with me, and the ones we had were solved by us. I will always be grateful for everything he has done for the team. I always tell him to play and not mess with anything, but his temperament is like that,” he said in a good tone.

Source: El heraldo