A book about football players

In these days, one of the best books published in my opinion about a Colombian professional football team has been presented to the public. Beautiful in design and professional in content. With an aesthetic that invites at first glance and the journalistic quality that convinces knowledge.

The protagonists of the book are the football players. The most remembered and talented players who wore and defended the Junior shirt.

Yes, the book is about Junior, about his football players. It is entitled ‘Unpublished Junior’, and the author, Gabriel Jesurum, presents us with a wonderful journey through the history of the Barranquilla team, personified in its football players.

From Roberto Meléndez and ‘Memuerde’ García, to Teófilo Gutiérrez and Carlos Bacca, past the eternal idols, Dida, Verón, Valderrama, Pacheco and many more. Each of these unforgettable and emblematic players was described by 60 journalists and writers of enormous literary quality and an unmistakable emotion caused by the admiration they aroused.

On the first pages appears, nothing more and nothing less, a chronicle about the Junior of Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez. And in the more than 300 pages the book contains are the clearest texts about the great football players in youth history, accompanied by clear images of them.

Gabriel, the creator of this ambitious project, was kind enough to invite me to capture the portrait of Víctor Ephanor. It immediately gave me a double responsibility: on the one hand, doing my best to find, in the midst of so many specialists in the written word, excellent writers, the best prose to approach them. Not inferior to my status as ‘representative’ of former football players in a book about football players.

And on the other hand, to make sure the kid’s idolatry for the character didn’t cloud my football mind. An intellectual effort that, it seems to me, has succumbed to the emotion of memories.

“A few days later he made his debut, put the ball in the service of his left leg, dribbled past everyone who got in his way and scored a goal. He became an instant idol.”

“When the evening task of dribbling and scoring was over, his departure from the stadium became a desired and numerous ritual: hundreds of junior fans turned him – well, we made him – a corridor through which he, almost always the hero of the afternoon, walked with a T-shirt tied to his head, jeans and a pair of slippers, receiving the expressive affection of the people with a mixture of gratitude and modesty.”

These are some of the first letters I sent about the Brazilian crack who delighted us with his spectacular style in the early 1970s. His football was unforgettable. Unforgettable is the title given to their chapter in the book. A book that should not be missing in the library of anyone who considers themselves a true Junior fan. Congratulations Gabriel.

Source: El heraldo