David Ferreira’s son was voted best young man in the MLS

Jesus Ferrerathe American of Colombian descent and forward from the Dallaswas voted the best young man of the regular season of the mlsfor the Argentinian Atlanta Thiago Almada and the Brazilian Brenner Souzafrom Cincinnati.

The son of David Ferreracurrent technical director of Magdalena Unionis the second Dallas player to win the Best Under-22 Footballer of the Season in a row, succeeding the American of Mexican descent Ricardo Pepic.

The 21-year-old striker led Dallas to the playoffs with… 18 goalsin addition to scoring more than one goal five times and signing a hat-trick in March against Portland Timbers.

His father, who also played for the Dallas team, won the MVP as the MLS’s Best Footballer of the Year in 2010.

Ferreira was chosen by a jury composed of players, media and clubs, with 32.40% of the vote, ahead of Almada (17.27%) and Brenner (8.17%).

Source: El heraldo