After the racist insults to Egonu and Dosso, Tamberi is tough and clear: “We need meaningful gestures”

Gianmarco Tamberi expressed himself about the episodes of discrimination that involved blue athletes: “I wanted to expose myself publicly, so I preferred not to. But as a blue captain, he could not remain silent.

Author: Alessio Pediglieri

“They asked me why I’m Italian” and then again “Foreign bitch, go back to your country”. Two phrases that shocked the world of Italian sport in just a few days and brought back the scourge of racism that spares nothing and no one, from volleyball to athletics. Serious episodes that aroused popular indignation over what happened to Paola Egonu and Zaynab Dosso in a short time and in diametrically opposed situations, but linked by the red thread of discrimination. And now, among the voices that emerge, there is also that of Gianmarco Tambericurrent Olympic champion in the high jump and reference point of Italian athletics of which he is captain.

Recently “gimbo” spent a period of well-deserved rest, enjoying his honeymoon after his marriage to his Chiara, shaking off the last struggles between Eugene’s World Cup disappointment and the gold won immediately afterwards at the European Championships in Munich. But as soon as he returned to Italy, the “toxins” of what happened hit him directly, involving him in the debate that sparked the racist wave of sport that never stopped. And he returned with all his violence involving two of the most representative athletes, obtaining a maximum resonance box. After all, Tamberi is also one of the most beloved champions, followed and applauded by the sports public and not just for his exploits on the platform, and that’s why he decided to speak out.

Aside from the confirmation that he will no longer be coached by his father Marco, also a former Italian skier and two-time national indoor record holder, Gianmarco wanted to express all his solidarity with Paola Egonu and Zaynab Dossohit by unacceptable discriminatory insults: “All this touched me deeply” told Gazzetta dello Sport. “I was about to expose myself publicly, so I chose not to. Between basketball and music I’m black inside, all my idols are people of color. I didn’t speak, but immediately wrote to Zyanab Dosso. National, we could think of doing something, we need some meaningful gestures”.

The Italian sprinter and record holder has been heavily insulted in recent days and has reported the whole affair on her social profiles. An outburst, but also a real indictment in the face of the indifference of the people who were present at the time of the incident. A story linked to what had happened shortly before with Paola Egonu. In a completely different context but linked by an evident racist past, he appeared promptly on the sidelines of the conclusion of the Volleyball World Cup in Holland, with the blue that had just won a well-deserved bronze medal.

Source: Fan Page IT