Arsenal dominate in Premier League, but prediction is ominous: “It will fall apart like a cookie”

Arsenal are at the top of the Premier League, they have a good margin over Manchester City and Tottenham, but they don’t convince everyone. In England there are those who bet on the collapse of the Gunners: “After Christmas it will fall”.

Author: Alessio Morra

The Premier League is the biggest league in the world. There are the best players (almost all of them), the best coaches, and a lot of money that makes even the lower mid-level teams better. In short, you have to work hard in every game to get the three points. But in recent seasons only the title has been won city ​​of Manchester (four times) and the Liverpool (one). It looked like the speech for the Premier summit would only be for those two teams, at most three with Chelsea. But after 10 days in the lead, Arsenal are dominating and making an extraordinary championship. The Gunners dream, as they haven’t done in years, and hope to remain at the top at least until the break for the World Cup. Arteta collects raves from everywhere, but there are those who prophesy a sensational backhand for the London team, for some destined to fall apart miserably.

The reconstruction ofArsenal It was exhausting. The Gunners haven’t played in the Champions League in five seasons. Emery played in a Europa League final but was sacked a few months later. Arteta won two trophies almost immediately, but finished 8th in 2021 (the first time since 1995 without qualifying for European cups) and 5th, with the Champions League fading to the edge. The team hasn’t changed much. But young people continue to grow and purchases have been targeted. From Manchester City they arrived Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko. Excellent shots, but nobody could think that after 10 days Arsenal were very solid at the top.

Nine wins, no draws and one loss. Resounding score. Four points ahead of Manchester City and Tottenham, eight over Chelsea (which has one less game). Even eleven at United and fourteen at Liverpool both have one game to make up for. A fantastic trip.

Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale is one of Arsenal's greatest strengths.
Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale is one of Arsenal’s greatest strengths.

The only knockout at Old Trafford, but Liverpool (3-2) and Tottenham (3-1) fell to the Emirates. Winning the championship is not easy. There are many rivals, but you can dream. This championship is already fabulous considering the last few seasons. It can certainly be said that Arsenal are and will be fighting to win the Premier League. But not everyone in England thinks so.

The joy of Arsenal players after the 3-2 victory over Liverpool.
The joy of Arsenal players after the 3-2 victory over Liverpool.

On TalkSport TV, Jermaine Pennant, who won three trophies with the Gunners, is quite skeptical about Arsenal’s future, which, despite having had a splendid path so far, according to him, is destined to decline: “I think Arsenal are going to fall apart like a cookie after Christmas, just like they did last year when they came in fourth and then missed out on the Champions League. What Arteta did at Arsenal, seen where they were two or three years ago and what they are doing now, it’s absolutely amazing. But the hard part is keeping up this pace, will they make it after Christmas? We’ve seen a lot of teams start very strong and then when Christmas comes and there are a lot of games all together, they slip easily.”

Mikel Arteta leads Arsenal for the fourth consecutive season.
Mikel Arteta leads Arsenal for the fourth consecutive season.

While Jamie O’Hara, who as a child played for Arsenal but who as a professional wore the Tottenham shirt, does not make it simple and points the finger at some alternatives and almost ‘owls’ thinking about possible injuries: “If Martinelli gets hurt… And if Gabriel Jesus gets hurt…. I mean, Jesus wasn’t great against Leeds, but he’s still very important for Arsenal. And if he gets hurt, Nketiah isn’t strong enough to step in and replace him in the team’s fight for the title. So if they can keep the starting 11 healthy, and I’m thinking Martinelli, Xhaka, Odegaard or Saliba, then yes, they can fight for the title. But if one of them gets hurt, Manchester City simply have a much stronger squad.”

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