Zarate looks irrepressible, but misses half the field: it’s the stupidest penalty in history

Mauro Zarate, ex-Lazio, Inter and Fiorentina, committed a real absurdity on the occasion of the match between Platense and Huracan.

Author: Marco Beltrami

hard times for Mauro Zarate in Argentine. The former Lazio, Inter and Fiorentina striker plays at Platinense, in what is the 14th professional experience of his career. Things have not been going very well lately for the 35-year-old, scorer of 4 goals, especially after a curious episode staged on the occasion of the match valid for the Professional League at the home ofHuracan. A true head and tail with the red and white team in full battle for the title, and Zarate’s sailing in the mid-low position.

And the attacker at the end found a way to become the protagonist unfortunately in a negative way, with a somewhat inexplicable move. What happened in the final of the first half actually went around the world, causing quite a bit of criticism for Zarate. The old acquaintance of Italian football received a ball near the middle of the field just before half-time, when, however, instead of heading towards the opponent’s goal, started to retreat.

After almost taking the ball away from Vicente Taborda, Zarate got rid of Federico Fattori, continuing to move towards his area. A curious situation to say the least, since Zarate almost looked like a forward for the opposing team: he got rid of Cordero who tried to take the ball away from him and then also of Baldassara, until he was dangerously stuck in the area of ​​Platense.

Here, the experienced football player encountered Ramiro González Hernández in his way, who in a flash managed to overtake him, putting himself between him and the goalkeeper. At that point, Zarate knocked him down, with an even more colossal ingenuity. Penalty for opponents and 1-0 by Franco Cristaldo, between Platense’s desperation for the madness of one of their most experienced players.

And Zarate, who also escaped the red card at the time, was then “punished” by the coach who left him in the locker room. In his place, another ex-Italian, or rather, Gonzalo Bergessio. Nothing to do with Platense, defeated by 2 to 0 with Zarate much criticized on social networks by their fans, outraged by that incomprehensible management of the ball. .

Source: Fan Page IT