The goalkeeper is about to postpone but the fireworks start on the lawn: “Only an idiot could do it”

A truly unique situation during the English Football League Trophy match between Barrow and Carlisle United: fireworks on the pitch just after kick-off.

Author: Vito Lamorte

When you leave your house to go to the stadium, you expect to see a good football match and possibly your favorite team will win. This axiom is not always valid, as there are variables that cannot be calculated. A practical example could be what happened during the race of the English Football League Trophy, known as Pope John’s Trophy for sponsorship reasons, Barrow and Carlisle United. After three minutes, the match was suspended because a firework was launched on the field and exploded as the goalkeeper was about to take a goal kick.

The firework, which footage clearly showed, narrowly missed Carlisle’s goalkeeper before exploding in the center of the penalty area. Referee Seb Stockbridge immediately stopped play and the match was suspended for 18 minutes before restarting.

Cumbrian Police announced in the following hours that they had stopped the man who had launched the firework: “Working alongside the club, Cumbrian Police arrested a man in connection with the fireworks that exploded across the field at the start of the match.”

Players stopped at the edge of the rectangle immediately after the incident and waited for Holker Street End, the sector of the stadium from which the firework was launched, to be released.

Firm condemnation of Carlisle’s trainer, Paul Simpson: “It’s very scary when something like that happens. Only an idiot could do that, as we’ve seen. In my opinion, it’s a very stupid thing. It threw me in the box. Normally I’m not too worried about fireworks, but it made me jump.” and I was scared for Mick.”

This episode overshadowed the good performance of Barrow, who won the match 2-0 thanks to goals from Josh Kay and Sam Foley. In the following hours, a very harsh communiqué arrived: “The Barrow Association Football Club has a zero-tolerance approach to antisocial behavior, including the use of pyrotechnics, and strongly condemns this behavior. After working with Barrow Police, a suspect has been identified and arrested and as a result will be banned from SO Legal Stadium for life. The Barrow Association Football Club points out that it does not want to be associated with these people and that they are not welcome at SO Legal Stadium.”

Source: Fan Page IT