The club founded by Afghan refugees who have won six promotions in a row: the dream is Europe

Ariana FC is a club founded in 2015 by Afghan refugees in Sweden that has achieved six consecutive promotions, with the dream of the European Cup: “We saw in football a tool for uniting and developing people within the community”.

Author: Vito Lamorte

There are stories that go beyond football and that make us understand how often the millions, business and all those conversations that take place every day in the world of ‘ball that matters’ are not always the answer. There is a team in Swedenfor example, that seven years ago won its championship and now reached the third of the tenth division: this is theAriana FCclub born of 2015 by the will of one group of refugees who arrived in Scandinavia from Afghanistan.

“We saw in football a tool for uniting and developing people within the community”: these are the words of Nola Amirifounder and current player of Ariana FC in the Spanish newspaper BRANDand show at times why this is not a team like any other.

A dream started seven years ago, shared between Amiri and his Afghan compatriots, and in the 2023 season Ariana will play in the Third Category of Swedish football: this means that the club has always won the championship since it was founded.

What does Ariana FC mean? The team takes its name from the historic denomination of Afghanistan in Greek and Roman times, with the shirt and shield in the colors of its national flag.

Now there is great expectation that he will get two more promotions to complete the climb in Swedish football: now they remain there superettanthe equivalent of our Series B, andallsvenskan, the first division of football. With six promotions in a row, Ariana broke the record for Dalkurd FFwho moved from Division 6 to Division 1 consecutively with five consecutive promotions.

Amiri himself, midfielder for Ariana and the Afghan national team, spoke of his goal of reaching the top of Swedish football and the great following his team has: “Our goal is to get to the First Division and play European competitions, so our fans all over the world can see us. We have great support in Sweden and outside Sweden. To understand, Ariana FC plays in Malmö, the third most populous city in the country after Stockholm and Gothenburg. Well, after Malmö FF, we are the team with the highest average number of spectators in the city’s stadium.”

Ariana FC has no intention of stopping and would like to write a great page of history, trying to reach the First Division: at this point their path is already extraordinary and beyond the field the club is always working to build an increasingly inclusive Swedish club.

Source: Fan Page IT