They humiliate their opponents by 34-0 and apologize on social media: “We don’t like this result”

A youth football match in Spain ended with the result of 34 to 0 and in the following hours a very strong debate opened, also for the social exit of the victorious club.

Author: Vito Lamorte

The path in the youth teams of football teams is a mixture of passion, will and a lot of determination. We always start with good intentions in relation to the training of children, both from a technical and strictly educational point of view, but then it often comes down to results.

Here, a resounding result ended up at the center of a very controversial debate in Spain this past weekend. A youth football game he saw up front Gymnastics Segoviana CF AND CD Carbonero, became nothing short of famous and debated for the surreal score of 34-0.

A result that was hardly seen and that caused a great uproar and that’s why the Gimnástica Segoviana club published on Twitter the photo of the result and an apology for having exaggerated in a youth football game: “We don’t like this result. We apologize to CD Carbonero for what happened because it doesn’t clash with the idea of ​​how grassroots sport should be. We will work to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

The gesture was initially appreciated, but in the following hours it was dominated by criticism for not discussing the matter in private and making the fine public: many Twitter users showed their indignation both with the club, for having released the result of the match, and against the team coach for not stopping his boys at a certain point in the match.

We often talk about the educational aspect, of not paying attention to the results and the path of children in their formative years, but there are situations that go beyond any kind of discourse. The story continues to be discussed, but now there are no more ways to recover the situation, at least with the disappointed.

One patch was the invitation for the boys to watch the game against Alcorcón B: in this case the gesture was applauded, but these events, at any latitude, always generate great discussions.

Source: Fan Page IT