He corrects the referee and refuses a decisive penalty, Davide’s story: “I wouldn’t have felt clean”

The fairplay gesture is from Pastrengo striker De Carli. If he had remained silent, he would have benefited from a penalty to change the fate of the First Category game: “I did not want to take something that was not my right”.

Author: Maurizio De Santis

Davide De Carli do Pastrengo in action (image taken from the club’s Facebook page).

David DeCarli he didn’t want to mind his own business, benefiting from a referee’s mistake and colossal carelessness. A small voice inside him suggested that being quiet would be the worst thing. And so the 29-year-old Pastrengo striker chose to speak up. He approached the referee, called him and told him that he was wrong: there was no reason to take a penalty kick, he had not been fouled or any other form of impropriety that could legitimize the discus kick.

Honesty has a price, what the Venetian footballer decided to discount is having refused the opportunity to draw the First Category (group A) match with Alpo 98. The context also gives greater strength to his gesture. : at 91 ° the result was 3 -2, this penalty can change the fate of the match.

At eleven meters and with a door wide open in front, there was the possibility of maintaining the unbeaten record of his team (which in the first four days had added 3 draws and a victory) and reaching 7 points, – 4 from the top (Bussolengo ) and – 2 from the second position where Alpo 98 is located (10 points). For De Carli it seemed too much: taking advantage of that situation annoyed him and punched him in the head, he preferred to stand out for a gesture of fair play than to turn his head and commit an intelligent and unsportsmanlike gesture.

An image of the players competing in the Venetian First category championship.
An image of the players playing in the Veneto First Class championship.

“It was my opponent who touched the ball with his hand in the area and not my opponent – Arena told the newspaper -. I didn’t want to take something that wasn’t my right.”. An attitude that honors you and leaves you at peace with your conscience.

If he had remained silent, no one else could have challenged or corrected the referee’s decision either because in the first category the referees cannot benefit from the support of the line assistants. “I wouldn’t feel clean inside or serene – added the 29-year-old -. I also did it out of respect for the audience that came to watch the game”.

It was a spontaneous act, he didn’t think twice: he convinced the referee to review the decision. And it wasn’t even the first time he’d behaved like that. His coach, Paolo Brentegani, remembers how in another match he refused a corner because he was the last to touch the ball and not the opponent. “Davide set a good example, his gesture has great educational value, especially for the younger ones”.

How many would have done that? Hard to say… even one hand would be enough to count them because resisting temptation isn’t easy when adrenaline and the need to score take over. The Veneto Regional Committee of the Football Federation praised him, De Carli deserved them. But he only cares about playing fair.

Source: Fan Page IT