He takes the penalty, the goalkeeper dives, the ball goes into the net: but the referee in the meantime has gone to VAR

Another surreal scene from the VAR era: the referee blows his whistle, but it’s to go to the side monitor. The penalty goal is not valid, in fact there is no longer even the penalty…

Author: Paulo Fiorenza

The introduction of technology in football, col VAR increasingly used all over the world, it certainly helped to correct some very obvious errors that could not be corrected before. Impediments not even recognized by the linesmen, badges not seen by the referee, sunny penalties that at first were not awarded: all these are situations that benefited the use of the new tool.

Obviously, the VAR is perfectible, because sometimes it is not free from errors and the protocol of the cases to which it can be applied is not always respected due to that “clear and obvious error” that should only lead to its use. Then there’s the downtime – often lengthy – of checking the headset with the on-field referee, which can be followed by the in-field review on the monitor. A process that can bring to life surreal situations where the players’ exultation is ‘canceled’ by the cancellation of a goal after review.

Scenes we’re used to, but what happened in the Brazilian first division had never been seen before. In the final moments of the game played and won by saints 2-0 at home Bragantino, valid for the 32nd round of the Brasileirão, a penalty was called in favor of the guests for a foul on Madson. Sandry went to the place to complete the score when he was in full recovery.

The referee goes to the monitor while the Santos and Bragantino goalkeeper mark the penalty
The referee goes to the monitor while the Santos and Bragantino goalkeeper mark the penalty

Just before the kick, referee Paulo César Zanovelli da Silva blew the whistle, but to signal that he was going to VAR to review the action and not to kick the penalty. With his back to the referee and fully focused on the serve, the designated pitcher heard the whistle and fired, beating goalkeeper Cleiton.. The latter, however, despite having the referee in his sights, did not want to be left behind and therefore dived into his right to try to deflect the penalty. Sandry’s joy was short-lived: time to turn around and see that the referee had gone to VAR.

The Santos midfielder didn’t even have the opportunity to try again, since the penalty was canceled after the on-field review. Things that can happen in the age of VAR…

Source: Fan Page IT