Saves a penalty and faints, stays on the field but asks his teammates for a result: “I got dizzy”

Ustari saved a penalty, but fainted during the celebrations: he remained on the field until the end, but asked his teammates several times for the result. He later admitted, “I felt a buzzing in my head.”

Author: Vito Lamorte

Mexican football experienced a dramatic moment during the first leg of the MX League in which pachuca won 5-2 against me Rayados de Monterrey. the argentinian goalkeeper Oscar Ustari fainted after stopping a penalty against his compatriot Rogério Funes Mori but even so, the game ended in his place: the goalkeeper reached the end with a bandage on his nose and amid the disbelief of the spectators.

It all started with just under 15 minutes to go, when the 36-year-old goalkeeper committed a foul in the area on Jesus Gallardo: on this occasion he received a blow to the nose that caused the bleeding, but the bandage of the medical team. allowed to continue. Immediately after Ustari rejected Funes Mori’s eleven-meter completion and his parade allowed Pachuca to keep the lead (3-2), but the worst came during celebrations for the blocked penalty.

Ustari fainted and the doctors had to come back immediately to help him: after a few minutes the goalkeeper got up and managed to finish the game. It is true that there was little time left, but the fear was great.

At the end of the match, Oscar Ustari spoke about what happened to him like this: “I got dizzy, with strange sensations because due to my mistake things could have changed, but luck worked in our favor. I felt very dizzy. I felt a buzzing in my head, because I was still dizzy. I asked again. I had my own idea, but I wanted to be sure.”

As reported by ESPN, the goalkeeper asked on at least two occasions what the score of the match was after getting up because he had lost a lot of blood. A situation really on the edge.

William Almada, coach of Pachuca, also spoke about the conditions of the Argentine goalkeeper: “Ustari lost a lot of blood and was a little stunned, but in the locker room he was fine. I think the blow was not to the head, but to the nose and that caused everything, not the skull. The truth is, I don’t know the protocols. , no I’m a specialist and if the doctors let him continue it means he can”.

Source: Fan Page IT