Haaland is inhumane: another one-two with Manchester City, Guardiola beats De Zerbi

Manchester City also beat Brighton. Guardiola wins the first direct confrontation with De Zerbi. Haaland was once again a great protagonist. Double power for the Norwegian bomber.

Author: Alessio Morra

O City of Manchester find success again. Guardiola beats De Zerbi, who remains dry (again) in the Premier League. The 3-1 final is right, Brighton played an honest game and sometimes even thought they could draw. But in front of him was a monstrous Haaland who decided the game and did it devastatingly.

The opportunity to return within a step of Arsenal was greedy for Manchester City, who today hosted Brighton from From Zerbi. The first challenge between Pep Guardiola and the Brescia coach, who has always tried to imitate his Catalan coach. An objectively unequal challenge between those who have different technical values. Game decided in the first half, obviously by Haalnd who never misses an opportunity to score and who always sees the door very well.

With impressive power, he converted a penalty from Haaland.
With impressive power, he converted a penalty from Haaland.

But the sensational thing is how the Norwegian scored the first goal. Starting from the bottom is as much a mantra for Guardiola as it is for De Zerbi, the ball must always be played. But maybe we need to add an almost. Because at 20′ the goalkeeper Ederson decided to make a long ball that took the defense of’ Gabbiani ‘by surprise and above all the Spanish goalkeeper Sanchez who tried to intervene in the ball failed, Webster tried to duel with Haaland but he was overloaded. Scoring goals was child’s play for the young striker. A display of monstrous power.

Before the break, the referee calls a VAR penalty, used a few minutes after the foul on Bernardo Silva. Haaland kicks with unprecedented power. The net still moves a few seconds after the goal. The personal score is updated and is getting more and more amazing: 17 goals in 11 Premier League games.

Double in Brighton.  Haaland spares almost no one in the Premier League.
Double in Brighton. Haaland spares almost no one in the Premier League.

At the beginning of the second half, City have the opportunity for the trio, Mahrez prepared by De Bruyne kicks the goalkeeper. From the possible 3-0 to Brighton’s goal. Akanji misses the intervention, trossard recover, combine with a teammate and kick off the edge in a very powerful way. Ederson is surprised, goal by the Belgian, 2-1.

The result hangs in the balance for about twenty minutes at which Trossard tries again and Haaland misses the hat-trick. But the exclamation point puts de Bruyne who with a phenomenal shot of more than twenty-five meters puts the ball in the corner. Ethiad standing ovation for the Belgian. 3-1 and the game is over, Guardiola also knows that he takes out Haaland. City are one point behind Arsenal, who play on Sunday.

Source: Fan Page IT