Arbolino heard a voice inside him: “My first thought was for Sic”

The Italian rider achieved great success in Moto 2, taking advantage of a maneuver as risky as it was unfortunate by the Japanese Ai Ogura. As he crossed the finish line, he felt a particular thrill.

Author: Maurizio De Santis

Tony Arbolino celebrates victory in Malaysia. Italy is on the highest podium in Sepang, alongside him are Alonso Lopez and Jake Dixon.

Sepang is not a circuit like the others. It can never be. On that asphalt he died Marco Simoncelli. On this track, father Paolo (and the entire MotoGP world) left his soul. Every time you come back to this track in Malaysia, these terrifying images suddenly emerge from the bends of memory.

right there today Tony Arbolino won the Moto2 race taking advantage of an unfortunate oh ogura but it was beyond euphoria. It is the third personal success in this category, having won the right in the Asian country has a particular importance and value.

Memory and gratitude on behalf of Simoncelli

He didn’t forget, he couldn’t. He crossed the finish line and heard a voice inside him: it was his conscience that dictated the right words to say in support of a triumph that coincided with a terrible date, on 23 October 11 years ago the ‘Sic’ would have lost his life in a heartbreaking accident.

“Honestly, as soon as I crossed the finish line – he told Sky mics – the first thought was for Marco (Simoncelli)”. Memory and gratitude are in the words of the Lombard driver of the Elf Marc VDS Racing Team.

Arms raised, standing on the bike: this is how Arbolino celebrated his victory in Malaysia.
Arms raised, standing on the bike: this is how Arbolino celebrated his victory in Malaysia.

It all started in 2014 with joining the team and winning the PreMoto3 125 2T championship. In 2016 he competed in four races in the CIV Moto3 (Italian Speed ​​Championship) but it was the following year that something changed in his career, always under the sign of Sic: he debuted on the international stage in the same category. “My World Championship experience started with Paolo (Sic’s father) and I’m very happy to have won for that too.”

The incandescent finale in the Sepang range

Arbolino’s duel with the Japanese (who are now in danger of losing the World Cup to the benefit of the Augusto Fernandez) experienced prominence in the final stages. There was less than a lap to go at the end of the Grand Prix, it took much less for everything to change. Ogura (Idemitsu Honda Team Asia) did indeed have his hands on the world championship triumph, but he committed a naivety, a gamble made out of a desire to exaggerate, rather than manage, launched the attack.

The Japanese was behind Arbolino, the second half would have been favorable given the position outside the podium of the direct Spanish competitor (Red Bull KTM Ajo). The most sensible thing would have been to avoid unnecessary risks, make strategic calculations, be content to extend the advantage (albeit a little) and then put the decisive paw on the last leg of the season.

But not. He wanted to win at all costs and it went very wrong: after overtaking Arbolino’s braking he lost the front, ended up in the gravel and also lost the command of the Moto 2 general classification. The leader is now Fernandez who capitalized in the fourth at an altitude of 256 points (+9 compared to Ogura). As for the Italian, he is fourth (188) to -20 of Aron Canet (208). “I felt good, I was in control and I knew I could do this”. If he turns the right way, maybe he’ll do another blitz.

The top 10 of the Moto2 classification at Sepang:
1. Tony Arbolino (Elf Marc VDS Racing Team)
2. Alonso Lopez (Acceleration of Beta Tools) +11,411
3. Jake Dixon (Inde Team GAGSAS Aspar) +11,802
4. Augusto Fernandez (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +13,206
5. Manuel Gonzalez (Master Camp Yamaha VR46 Team) +14,770
6. Marcel Schrötter (GP Liqui Moly Intact) +17,166
7. Cameron Beaubier (American Racing) +20,222
8. Aron Canet (Flexbox HP40) +24,279
9. Jeremy Alcoba (GP Liqui Moly Intact) +24,407
10. Fermín Alduguer (Acceleration of Beta Tools) +24,482

Source: Fan Page IT