Quartararo’s stoic feat in Sepang, keeps the World Cup open with a broken finger: “It hurts”

In the 2022 MotoGP Malaysian GP Fabio Quartararo achieved an epic feat, managing to take the podium and still keep the fight for the world title open with Bagnaia despite having run the entire race with a fractured hand repaired on Saturday.

Author: Michele Mazzeo

The victory and a splendid comeback from ninth position on the starting grid in Malaysian GP were not enough for Pecco Bagnaia to conquer the certainty of his first MotoGP world title. The 2022 World Championship premier-class riders’ World Championship will in fact be decided at the last round of the season scheduled for November 6th in Valencia (where the Ducati Italian will still have to finish at least 14th to be crowned champion). . But if the Piedmontese didn’t leave Sepang with the crown on his head and the fight is still alive, the credit is exclusively due to a stoic Fabio Quartararo who on the Malaysian track gave life to an epic undertaking.

Yes, because the French Yamaha rider appeared at the start of the penultimate race of the season, not only that aware that a fourth place (in case of success of rival Bagnaia) he would have definitively eliminated the chances of confirming himself as MotoGP world championbut also having to start from twelfth place on the starting grid and, as if that weren’t enough, do the whole run with a broken finger (Middle finger of left hand fractured following a fall in FP4 on Saturday).

Despite this, Fabio Quartararo was not discouraged and, bringing out the champion’s pride, gave birth to a stoic test, regaining up to fourth position (who took third place after Jorge Martin’s fall) and, while rival Bagnaia overtook Bastianini in the lead (with a signal displayed by the Gresini Team that once again raised suspicions about alleged Ducati orders to the team), withstood the return of a stunning Marco Bezzecchi thus managing to finish the race on the podium and above all keeping alive the hope, albeit tenuous, of still being able to win the second consecutive world titleor.

crossed the finish line, the french grimaces of painthey say perfectly the physical exertion he had to do so as not to fall into the fourth position that would have closed the games and handed the World Cup to Pecco Bagnaia. After the checkered flag, in fact, past the adrenaline of the race (“During the race, the hand fracture was not a big problem.“: he wrote in a post published on his social profiles), the fracture remedied the day before presented him with the bill: “It hurts, on Tuesday I have to scan it to see exactly the type of fracture. On radiography you can see, but on scanner you see better and you will know more things“the transalpine driver said after the race that, therefore, he may have to live with this problem even in the last decisive race in Valencia where to win the MotoGP world title, one feat will not be enough, but a true miracle will be needed.

Source: Fan Page IT