Spalletti empties his pockets live and shows what he had: they asked about the Scudetto

Luciano Spalletti is beaming after Napoli’s heavy victory over Roma. And post-game, when asked about dreams and ambitions, he shows what he has in his pocket.

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Luciano Spalletti arrives at DAZN’s microphones shortly after the interview with Jose Mourinhoin which the Special, decidedly disappointed with the final result of the Rome-Naples, played down the merits of Napoli. But the coach of Azzurra does not charge. Strengthened by the victory and the condition of the classification that sees his players in first place, he limits himself to offering his point of view on what happened at the Olympic.

“I don’t want to answer Mourinho – explains Spalletti –. I have my game review. It was full of pitfalls and my team managed to play it very well, even though they did something wrong. We created those two or three scoring chances that the victory was built on and we never gave them what they are good at.”

Osimhen’s flash was decisive, which Spalletti preferred to Raspadori and Simeone to guess the move: “We need Osimhen to do these sudden accelerations that only he has. When he puts some emotions in place, he will become very strong. He is physical, strong, we need that from a team integrity point of view. He is one of the. strongest head players I’ve ever seen.”

Kudos also to Kim, also praised by Andrea Barzagli: “It’s a deadly thing – Spalletti says –. When he sees danger, he gets moving and pays attention to the situation that calls him to action. Also, he keeps an eye on his partner’s situation because he wants to help him. He has this physical supremacy, this frequency of legs that is impressive.”

Spalletti shows the contents of his pockets live after Rome – Naples
Spalletti shows the contents of his pockets live after Rome – Naples

And precisely in the words of Andrea Barzagli the curtain begins that makes the interview with the Napoli coach delicious. “If you say that is a certainty, your pockets are full of this work there”Spalletti jokes about Kim’s praise. A helping hand to those in the studio, too greedy to be thrown into the air. And so, in time, comes the question.

“What’s in his pockets, how many dreams are there and how big are his ambitions?”, asks conductor Marco Cattaneo in an attempt to provoke Spalletti into the word Scudetto, a little taboo, a little too big to handle with ease. And so the Tuscany coach invents a dribble of his own: he puts his hands in his pockets and shows the content live.

“I have the phone in my pocket, the device for the microphone, then a pen and a piece of paper on which I wrote two things”, he explains showing the various objects live, with a smile on his face. And who knows if it is precisely in these two things that the secret of Napoli that knows no stops, in Italy and in Europe.

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